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Everything You Need To Know About Niacinamide

We have just launched our new Vitamin B Serum and we’re excited to talk all things Niacinamide. Nia-what? What is it? Why is it a wonder ingredient? How does it improve my skin? These are the questions you’ve been typing into Google, making this one of the most searched ingredients of 2020. Let us answer you below! TLDR? The short version is that it takes your skin from feeling so-so to sensational.



Also known as Vitamin B3 and Nicotinamide, it’s an essential nutrient or water-soluble vitamin that works with the natural elements in your skin to help diminish dullness and strengthen a weakened skin barrier amongst many other benefits listed below. It’s important to note, this active is highly tolerable which means you can layer it on skin in a few different treatments such as a serum and a moisturiser. It also works smoothly alongside other actives such as Retinol, Vitamin A, C and E, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and other antioxidants which makes it easy to slip into any current regime. Tick, tick, tick!




There are many benefits. We think the key ones to highlight are skin barrier fortification (which means healthier-looking complexions), increases epidermal turnover (aka a more youthful-looking complexion), brightens and evens out skin tone, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and regulates the skin’s oil production. It also helps renew and rejuvenate – the two words most of us are searching for in their skin care at this time of year. Niacinamide helps restores the surface of the skin through elevating hydration and moisture levels by improving natural production of ceramides. Another hyper-Googled skin term! We know there are many benefit boxes being ticked, but that’s the reason why this active ingredient is on everyone’s lips and hidden in everyone’s bathroom vanity. 


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Essentials Hydrating Vitamin B Serum



Our newest serum features a potent 10% dose of Niacinamide and is an ideal treatment for this time of year when diet and lifestyle are having a big impact on our healthy complexions. This one is formulated to assist with epidermal turnover, helps regulate oil production and improve skin texture, brightness, clarity and smoothness. It also boosts hydration and helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function.



Essentials Hydrating & Healing Serum


Our lab has combined Niacinamide (2.5%) with seven Hyaluronic Acids to create a super-hydrating serum to restore and maintain the skin’s barrier function. Beautifully nourishing, this product will also calm and soothe the skin. This makes it an ideal serum to use after intensive treatments such as skin needling, laser and peels, or even as a way of helping the skin manage powerful active ingredients such as Retinol.



Essentials Deep Hydration Moisture Cream


Dial-up hydration levels with this luxurious moisturiser than can be layered over any Niacinamide-spiked serum. Featuring key repairing ingredients Niacinamide, a Ceramide Complex, and Hyaluronic Acid which work to penetrate deep into the skin to improve the skin’s natural barrier function. Which means healthier-looking skin. It also targets skin texture and smoothness. Wear morning, night, or whenever your skin is craving extra love. Our insider trick is to apply a really thick layer of this overnight as a mask and wake up to happy, hydrated skin.


Age Reversal Niacinamide + Vitamin Complex Serum

Another do-it-all serum that partners Niacinamide (10%) with another superstar ingredient, Vitamin C, to help skin look and feel its best. The duo work together to both brighten and improve skin texture while also reducing the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. An ideal serum in any anti-ageing or anti-acne skin care regimen.


Brightening Serums Level 1 & 2

These targeting serums taps into Niacinamide (5%) for its brightening powers and is a saviour for all of you with pigmentation issues. Lightweight yet high-performance serums that works to reduce the overproduction of pigmentation, diminish the appearing of existing pigmentation (such as dark spots, melasma, post-blemish markings), while brightening the skin to reveal a more luminous even-toned complexion.


Level 1 is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding while Level 2 contains added dark-spot fighting power of Tranexamic Acid and Alpha Arbutin.


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