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Celebrate Mother's Day with LA CLINICA

Top 10 Products we know your mum will LOVE!


Perfect pressies for every type of mum-like figure under the sun! Whether you want to celebrate your auntie, step-mum, foster mum, godmother or even a friend who cares for you like a mum (every group has got one!) we’ve got gifts from small to large and everywhere in between.

  1. Cleanse - Anti Ageing Cream Cleanser

A luxurious cream cleanser that effectively cleanses and removes impurities from the skin without disrupting the skin's protective barrier. Setting the stage for the rest of your skincare this light-yet-luxe cream cleanser. It leaves skin feeling clean and won't strip the skin of beneficial epidermal lipids which naturally decrease as we age. Use the facial cloth to help remove makeup and SPF.

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  1. Tone - Rose Water Facial Mist

A refreshing facial toning mist to protect, rehydrate and revitalise skin. Perfect as a toner after cleansing and before serums or creams, or use it as a refreshing re-hydrator during the day to revitalise the skin. Plant extracts and the delicate Rose Centifolia aroma help calm and moisturise the skin.

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  1. Serum - Essentials Vitamin C Ultra Serum

The perfect everyday Vitamin C product, easily tolerated by all skin types for brighter skin. With soothing extracts of Centella plus Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E for hydration and skin barrier support. It features three highly stable, Vitamin C derivatives that are gentler on the skin all while producing quick, visible results.

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  1. Oil - Essentials Nourishing Facial Oil

Lightweight yet luxe, this oil hydrates, moisturises and plumps skin for a radiant complexion. Containing powerhouse emollients, Squalane, Jojoba, Chia seed, Argan and Rosehip oil to soften and moisturise the skin, but also provide anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. A unique dehydrated hyaluronic acid plumps skin on contact and retains hydration.

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  1. Moisture Cream - Age Reversal Moisture Cream

Restore and preserve your skin’s elasticity with this powerful facial repair cream. It contains cosmeceutical actives such as biomimetic peptides that work to build amino acids found in collagen and elastin, Vitamin A to defy signs of ageing as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and Caviar Complex, a luxurious extract that stimulates cell metabolism, delivering you a plump, youthful suppleness.

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  1. Exfoliate - Anti Ageing Exfoliating Scrub and Mask

3 different Fruit Enzymes and a scrub particle help to exfoliate away dead, dull skin, and reveal a luminous, youthful-looking complexion. This deliciously-smelling, double-tasking product can be used as both a daily scrub and as a weekly mask. Chemical enzymatic action and physical particles provide just the right amount of exfoliation without any harsh abrasiveness, to leave your skin smooth and baby soft.

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  1. Mask - Age Reversal Enzyme Mask

A multi tasking, creamy enzyme mask to add luminosity and hydration to the skin. Fruit Enzymes gently exfoliate away dead skin cells to renew and revitalise the complexion. An excellent defence against the signs of ageing, it helps to stimulate cell turnover; promoting the creation of collagen, as well as softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C and Bakuchiol helps boost radiance, brightens, and provides a healthy glow.

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 Skin Care Kits

  1. Anti Ageing Skin Care Kit

Enriched with Tripeptides, Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants and plant oils this skincare kit helps activate the production of high quality collagen, improve stress resistance, slow down skin ageing, improve skin hydration, skin cell renewal, fine lines and wrinkles. An easy 4 step routine for both morning and night

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  1. Age Reversal Skin Care Kit

Powerful skincare for skin types accustomed to active ingredients and wanting to reduce the signs of ageing. Supercharged formulas with potent anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin A, Tetra-peptides, Enzymes, Caviar & Pearl Extract and Collagen & Elastin to help stimulate the skin to firm, lift and rejuvenate.

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