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There’s nothing quite like the deep, restorative treatment of a face mask. It’s a moment where we breathe deeply, relax and take the time to treat ourselves to the luxury we deserve. Deeply nourishing, a beauty mask can leave you with smooth, hydrated skin that brings out your natural glow.

LA CLINICA masks go that extra step. We combine our cutting edge, innovative practice with the highest quality ingredients to bring you an evolved form of cosmetic products with medicinal properties and cosmeceutical excellence. Trusted by professionals and used in treatment centres across Australia, you can now buy our masks online for the ultimate pampering experience at home. 

Which mask should I choose for my skin?

We currently offer six different beauty masks, depending on your skin type and desired results;

    The White Brilliant range is our recommended line for the control of melanin and pigmentation production. If your aim is achieving an even skin tone, our tyrosinase inhibiting formula makes White Brilliant the ideal choice. Incorporating a biomimetic peptide to promote skin healing and regeneration, its anti-inflammatory properties will calm your skin.

    This Intensive Correction Pigmentation Mask is a cream mask that should be used at least twice a week in 15-minute treatments for best effect. The mask will restore hydration, calm skin, help repair skin and even-out skin tone by helping to balance pigmentation production.
    The Clear Skin range is recommended for those with an oily or acne prone skin type. If you experience excessive oiliness, pimples, blackheads or acne, Clear Skin is the range for you.

    Our Anti Blemish Facial Exfoliating Scrub and Mask is a multi tasking skin treatment that can be used as a deep scrub cleanser or luxurious mask. With a three-in-one action, this mask exfoliates, deep cleanses and treats your oily break-out prone skin. Use at least twice weekly for clearer, blemish-free skin.
    Perfect for skin depleted by exhaustion, blue light stress, pollution, hormonal unbalances, food intolerances and even jet-lag. The REBALANCING VITAMIN A range is formulated to treat unbalanced skin conditions in need of fortifying tonic skincare.

    This Skin Detox Facial Exfoliating Scrub and Mask is perfect for those with skin that is vulnerable to hormonal break-outs, jet-lagged and tired skin as well as complexions sensitive to air pollutants. Multifunctional and hydrating, this mask offers a deep down clean that exfoliates, rebalances and detoxes.
    Our Soothing Protection Moisture Replenishing Mask does exactly what the name suggests. A rich and creamy mask, this product gently restores moisture and soothes irritated and dry skin. Enhanced with a biomimetic peptide called Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15 that makes the skin more resilient to irritating conditions including environmental factors.
    A multi-functional product, our 3 Fruit Enzymes Exfoliating Scrub and Mask can be used as both a scrub and intensive mask treatment. The enzymes go to work to digest the dead skin cells on the skin surface, leaving skin feeling soft and dewy. Recommended for the 20+ age group, this range is designed to slow the signs of skin ageing, improve hydration and improve skin functionality. Best combined with one of LA CLINICA’s oil serums and moisture creams.
    Recommended to those wishing to eradicate the visible signs of damage that occurs over time, including deep wrinkles, scarring, acne and pigmentation. The Age Reversal range is a powerful and intensive treatment line.

    Our Vitamin C and Enzymes Rehydrating Treatment Mask is formulated for hydration and luminosity. Papain and bromelain fruit enzymes gently soften the skin, exfoliate and encourage cellular renewal. Vitamin C promotes a healthy glow for younger looking skin.

Make your skin happy with LA CLINICA

Getting your hands on your LA CLINICA products couldn’t be easier. Simply place your items in your online cart for an easy checkout experience. Treat yourself today and purchase your first beauty mask for happy, healthy skin.

At La Clinica, we provide the best Australian skincare products for the face and body. We only use organic ingredients and our products range from cleansers, creams, face wash,face masks,oils,serums and more!

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