About La Clinica for Skin & Body

Australian Made Skin and Body Care Products. Created to give you skin confidence.

    We make results-driven skin care to help you discover your dream skin. Since our launch in 1995, we have been creating ethical formulations that target specific skin concerns, deliver on their promises and that are accessible to a wide community.


    LA CLINICA’s mission is to be socially responsible and continue to be vertically integrated with our own clinical-grade laboratory and manufacturing based in Melbourne, Victoria. We are leaders in skin and personal care products. We want to share our knowledge and research with you, our community, to help you discover a highly effective, science-based skin care regimen that targets your specific concerns.


    We are a cosmeceutical skin care manufacturer with our own in-house laboratory and manufacturing capabilities which allow us to have total control over our range from concept to final product. LA CLINICA’s ingredients are of the highest possible quality and we are world-leaders when it comes to ingredient and formulation research with a focus on innovative, high concentrate active ingredients. We do not formulate with mineral oils or parabens. We do not test on animals. Our product range is designed for all skin conditions to target the diverse needs of every individual. For more information around ingredients please email your questions to helpdesk@laclinica.com.