Best-Smelling Home Care Products

Chic home care products you won’t want to hide in the cupboard and they even smell as good as they look.

Fabric & Linen Laundry Wash

Doing the laundry will become a time of sensorial pleasure when using the La Clinica Fabric & Linen Laundry Wash. Scents made from essential plant oils of Lavender, Cedarwood and Lemon Scented Eucalyptus not only smell divine, but also help clean your clothes. Gentle on skin, non-toxic and eco-friendly, it is perfect for those with sensitive skin conditions.

Mattress & Linen Protectant

Create a calming home and sleeping environment with the Mattress & Linen Protectant Spray. Revives sheets and pillows with its heavenly smell of lavender and cedarwood, the Protectant Spray leaves bedding delightfully fresh, all while protecting your family.  It is the perfect companion for travel - spray on hotel bed linen and pillows as a protectant against common bed bugs and dust mites.

Hand Sanitiser 

The bougiest hand sanitiser you’ll ever see and one that actually looks after your hands, no horrid-smelling harshness here. Gently scented with lemon, this post Covid, must-have item is non-sticky, leaves your hands feeling hydrated, plus it looks good on display.

A size for every spot in the house, car and office, you also can choose from gel or spray formula. Don’t leave home without it!

Hand Cream

Treat your hands with our Nourishing Hand Cream that contains a Hyaluronic Acid that stays on the skin by means of ionic bond to deliver hydration, even after washing. With a gentle aroma of orange and spearmint to whisk you away across the Mediterranean. 


Hand Wash



The Cleansing Hand Washes come in two aromatic scents, Lemon & Rosemary as well as Orange & Spearmint. Herbaceous and uplifting all while caring for your hands.


Both are made with Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract, Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid. A gentle hand wash made with natural foaming agents and plant extracts.


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