Clear Skin Basics Bundle - the perfect anti blemish starter pack

Teenage skin an ever-changing battlefield of breakouts, oil and congestion? Or simply looking for a super simple, back-to-basics, anti-blemish routine that won't overwhelm the skin? If that is you, fear not, as we present you with the return of…

The Clear Skin Basics Bundle 


It’s back and here to help as the perfect skincare starter pack for teens. Helping reduce the chance of breakouts and congestion, regulate oily skin and keep the complexion hydrated and healthy. A fantastic gift for those just starting out on their skincare journey such as teens or tweens. Or to add to your current blemish-battling routine.

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What is in the Clear Skin Basics Bundle?

The Clear Skin Basics Bundle is a 2-step routine which includes a gentle, yet thorough Salicylic Acid cleanser and a lotion-like serum to help keep breakouts at bay. Keeping it simple with these 2 products is key to a healthy, clear complexion as the skin is not overwhelmed with harsh ingredients, but treated, nourished and cared for.


Clear Skin Anti Blemish Face Wash

A Salicylic Acid cleansing gel to help properly remove dirt, oil, and debris and greatly reduce build up and breakouts. 


Removing the grime of the day is important for keeping buildup that causes acne at bay. The Clear Skin Face Wash effectively removes make-up and debris without stripping your skin. Perfect to use as a body wash for all over acne treatment if you’re also struggling with body breakouts.


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Clear Skin Intensive Spot Treatment

An anti-inflammatory and calming spot serum with Niacinamide, Willow Bark Extract, Ethyl Linoleate and Bakuchiol to support the skin barrier, calm inflammation and help balance oil production. 


Thanks to it's slightly creamy, lotion-like formula it can be used in several ways depending on personal preference:


1. As a targeted spot treatment
2. As a serum before your final cream
3. As a lotion in place of your moisturiser


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