Exfoliating acids: Your ticket to radiant, glowy skin.

Mid-winter might be upon us but that doesn’t mean your skin has to have the blues. Dull, tired and congested skin can be given the heave-ho with La Clinica's Resurfacing Moisture Cream.


For those not in the know, putting acids onto your skin might seem like a horror story waiting to happen. But the reality is quite the opposite and exfoliating acids are so effective they can quite literally transform your skin overnight.


What are Exfoliating Acids in skincare?

Acids for the skin are most commonly under three categories Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s), Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHA’s) and Poly-Hydroxy Acids (PHA's).



AHA’s help gently break down the bonds between the dull, dead cells on the top layers of the skin allowing newer, softer skin to shine through. Numerous benefits include dramatically improved smoothness and radiance, helps reduce sun damaged skin, addresses rough and flaky patches, improved hydration, increased cellular turnover and diminishes the appearance of pigmentation. Not to mention AHA’s stimulate collagen production, helping skin feel firmer and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.



BHA’s focuses on clearing out and unclogging pores and targeting blemishes and congestion. This type of acid is oil soluble meaning it is able to get through the oil to remove the bacteria and debris lurking beneath, stopping spots before they have a chance to form. Calming and anti-inflammatory it also helps with the redness that often comes with those angry, red pimples.



Lesser know than AHAs or BHAs yet still very useful, Poly-Hydroxy Acids are super gentle and often hydrating as well as exfoliating. Often only working on the outer layers of the skin causing less irritation than their deeper-penetrating cousins.



About our Glycolic Acid Moisture Cream

The Resurfacing Moisture Cream delivers AHAs, BHAs and PHAs together, fighting the good fight to reveal baby-soft, luminous skin. With the addition of Vitamin C to further help brighten and glow-ify (we’ve decided that is a word) and Niacinamide to help fortify the skin barrier and increase skin resilience, you’ll understand why this product is such a game changer.


The cream format means it is more easily tolerated, meaning you can use it regularly without irritation. Also brilliant is that there are two strengths available: Gentle; a 5% formula for first time users or those with sensitive skin and Active; at a more potent 10% for those used to acids and are comfortable with higher strength actives.


Who should use the Resurfacing Moisture Cream?


  • If you have dull, textured and congested skin - this is the product for you.
  • Prefer to exfoliate gently and over time rather than a peel? This cream is the perfect choice.
  • Want to target both lacklustre, discoloured skin and anti-ageing?  You’ve got it.


The Resurfacing Cream gently exfoliates dead skin cells to assist in skin renewal, revealing a smoother, brighter glowing complexion and help fight signs of premature ageing.


More about the Resurfacing Range

The exfoliating, brightening, discolouration-fading powers of the hard-working Resurfacing range are perfect for those who struggle with acne and congested pores, or wrinkles, pigmentation and sun-damaged skin. Shop the whole Resurfacing range.


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