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The Best Product to Fix a Skin Barrier Freakout

Make no mistake, we love our actives. Retinol? Phenomenal! Hydroxy Acids? Marvellous! Vit C? Fantastic! But have a few too many of these turned your skin into S.O.S mode? Back it up, step away from the layers upon layers of active ingredients and hear us out. Say it with me now, more isn’t always better.


How did I damage my skin barrier?

It is easy to get carried away when discovering new products, especially with so many choices out there. You might have put that itchy, irritated skin down to a sensitivity, or maybe you think you’re just having a random breakout. OR you might have just done too much too soon. Result: your skin barrier has been compromised. It’s no surprise that dermatologists are more frequently seeing patients with irritant dermatitis due to this phenomenon.


What is the best product to fix a skin barrier freakout?

The Deep Hydration Moisture Cream was formulated specifically for the task of supporting, repairing and strengthening the skin's moisture barrier and is a must-have product if you're using high strength actives such as retinoids, acids and Vitamin C.


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4 Reasons Why The Deep Hydration Moisture Cream Has Your Back

  1. Preps your skin prior to running high actives and continues to support during and after.
  2. Gives your skin luminosity and glow.
  3. Suitable for stressed skin or compromised skin barrier.
  4. Triple moisturising system



Retinol + Deep Hydration Moisture Cream

Skin irritation from retinol is such a common occurrence that it even has its own term ‘The Retinol Uglies’. Alas, this often leads to people throwing in the towel and abandoning hope, thinking retinol and other strong actives just don't agree with their skin type.


How the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream helps your skin barrier

Deep Hydration Moisture Cream is a no-nonsense moisturiser that has been formulated to compliment actives and assist your skin every step of the way. Hydration, skin-nourishment and skin barrier fortification as the primary focus of the product, this mitigates irritation which helps us continue using these star ingredients and keep up the consistency necessary to see results. Retinol is a long game after all.



The best deference is a good offence. Deep Hydration Moisture Cream prepares your skin for high actives by providing mega hydration and pre-emptively fortifying your skin barrier. Allowing your skin to be ready for whatever you throw at it.



Calming and repairing Zinc Hyaluronate, plant extracts and Panthenol keep skin soothed and irritation is at bay thanks to the triple moisturising system, of humectants, emollients, and occlusives. None of that dryness or peeling skin that we associate with the use of actives.



Our champion ceramides and niacinamide keep working to ensure your skin is resilient and in a state where you can continue using your skincare regime, maximising the effects. Voila, keep on retinol-ing on!


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