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Here is your solution to breakouts

The past year or so has brought us many things, a new found love for tracksuit pants, many a banana bread recipe, and Bennifer 2.0, but it has also brought us a new term ‘Maskne’. For some of us, the result of wearing masks all day every day is acne around the chin and mouth. Acne, regardless of being caused by a mask or not, is frustrating if not exasperating and as many adults have come to realise, it is not just a teenage battle.



The Clear Skin Multi-fruit Acid Serum is your ally in this fight, containing 2% Salicylic Acid, a proven chemical exfoliant to clear out and unclog pores, removing the bacteria and debris lurking beneath. Calming and anti-inflammatory it also helps with the redness that often comes with those angry, red pimples.


Our hot tip? Use the Multi-fruit Acid Serum frequently and consistently to prevent spots before they have a chance to form. The serum is gentle and hydrating enough for regular use and the multi-fruit acid, which contains a high amount of glycolic and lactic acid, will leave you with a beautiful glow.


Want more tips to combat breakouts?


Fully arm yourself with the Skin Clarifying Kit.

Acne essentials all packed into one great value kit to help you manage and prevent breakouts. With Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant properties, the products in the Skin Clarifying Kit work effectively, without stripping or drying out the skin.


Wash your face twice a day - but don’t overdo it!

Removing the grime of the day is important for keeping buildup that causes acne at bay. Especially when dealing with maskne as the mask tends to trap in a lot of hot, humid air; an ideal setting for yeasts and bacteria to grow and fester. You definitely want to stop that in its tracks. Try the Anti Blemish Face Wash to effectively remove build up without stripping your skin. This can also be used as a body wash for all over acne treatment for those who struggle with bacne or chestne.


Wash your hands often too!

You probably touch your face and mask more than you realise so keep your hands squeaky clean on-the-go with the only Hand Sanitiser that smells like a G&T.


Sun protection (as always) is essential.

Skin recovering from a blemish is prone to UV damage and can leave a scar if not properly protected. Use sunscreen daily, even in winter to keep your skin protected.


Keep your skin hydrated.

Although having breakouts and oily skin might deter you from using a moisture cream, it is important to protect your skin barrier and keep the skin’s natural oils balanced. What you need is the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream. Formulated to assist in maintaining the skin barrier and helping to lock in and regulate hydration. Also containing the anti-inflammatory antioxidant Niacinamide and calming Oat Beta Glucan.


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