How to Find the Right Cleanser

Cleansers are a crucial part of skin health. It’s simple: if we don’t clear out pores, wash away dirt, oil, SPF, makeup and other gunk sitting on the skin’s surface then we’ll likely experience congestion issues. Clean skin will also mean that our follow-up luxurious skin care products are effective.


First thing’s first: choose your texture preference —cream, gel or oil — then find a formula that targets your skin concern. Whether it’s one boosted with Glycolic Acid to refine any texture concerns or packed with gentle plant oils for its skin-soothing benefits. Or maybe you’re experiencing a mix of congestion and dryness in which case, one that focuses on rebalancing will be your perfect match.


Cream Cleansers

Sensitive Skin Dermatological Facial Cleanser


This soothing, creamy formulation is hypoallergenic and suitable for every skin type (and this includes eczema, dermatitis, rosacea). It’s jampacked with our skin lab’s clever calming complex of plant derived ingredients such as Parsley Seed Oil. This one is specifically designed to help sensitive skin sing.


Anti Ageing Gentle Milk Facial Cleanser


A gentle, milky-cream cleanser that will effectively remove everything sitting on the skin’s surface without disrupting the protective barrier or stripping any natural oils. Boosted with Plant Stem Cell extracts and Squalane to help plump fine lines and wrinkles.


Rebalancing Facial Cleanser


If your skin is out of whack — oily and congested in parts, dry in others — then this cleanser has your name on it. It will also help with hormonal imbalance issues, or if skin is looking stressed-out and tired.



Gel Cleansers



Brightening Facial Cleansing Wash Gel


Featuring Tyrosinase Inhibitors, Licorice Root to reduce the overproduction and appearance of pigmentation and dark spots. The inclusion of Lactic Acid helps promote cell renewal for a clearer, brighter and more luminous complexion.


Clear Skin Anti Blemish Face Wash


Another soap-free gel style cleanser that will deeply clean your skin without stripping it or leaving it feeling uncomfortably tight. Formulated for normal to oily skin types. This can also be your head-to-toe wash: it’s perfect as an anti-acne body wash and can also help with conditions such as psoriasis and ingrown hairs, or even as an anti-dandruff shampoo to target flaky scalp concerns.


Resurfacing Facial Cleansing Wash Gel


This gel hits water then turns into a gentle foam to help wash away any impurities sitting on the skin. With Glycolic Acid (a type of alpha-hydroxy acid), that works to refine the skin’s texture, minimise pores, clear away blocked pores and blackheads as well as reduce the instances of acne (and scarring). The addition of Vitamin C is a bonus to help boost brightness levels.



Oil Cleansers



Anti Ageing Beautiful Skin Cleanser


This formulation lists nourishing plant oils such as Jojoba, Rose Hip, Sweet Almond, and Argan which work to remove make-up and impurities accumulated throughout the day all while reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier. It’s gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area and can easily remove waterproof mascara, lipstick and mineral make-up. 


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