How To Prep Your Skin For Makeup This Party Season

Like all top-of-their-game makeup artists, Kate Radford knows that the better your skin looks and feels, then the better your makeup will be. We called on the talented Radford to help prep the skin of our model, Ciena, in our most recent campaign, pictured above. She’s also a celebrity makeup artist —actresses Rachel Griffiths and Theresa Palmer are among her clients — and has red carpet and event skin prep down to a fine art. Her top tips? Wear high protection SPF, keep on top of texture issues and ensure skin is super-hydrated which will mean your makeup will last longer. Below are Radford’s simple skin prep steps to ensure that lit-from-within glow.



“The prep really starts the night before. Drink a lot of water and make sure you give your skin a really deep clean. I love the Anti Ageing Cleansing Oil and then following up with a light exfoliation. The Anti Ageing Exfoliating Mask works well to polish and buff away any flaky, dead skin. Makeup is all about texture. Having smoother skin will mean your makeup will look better and last longer.”




“Normally the first thing that I do when a client arrives is to apply a pampering Hyaluronic Acid Facial Sheet Mask. Not only is this a beautiful experience, but it also gets the skin prepped, hydrated and feeling great. I leave the mask on for 15 minutes which is perfect, because that allows them to relax and I can get their hair prepped and styled.”



“If I’ve applied the sheet mask then I’ll dip back into the pack and make sure that I use up all that beautiful serum and then use my Gua Sha facial massaging tool. If I don’t have much time and the client is in a rush, I’ll use the Reactivation Nourishing Facial Oil which is light yet luxe and then run the Gua Sha tool across the face for five minutes. This helps plump the skin and get the circulation pumping. It really makes a big difference.”



“The moisturiser I reach for most in my kit is this Sensitive Skin Balm. Loads of clients have skin concerns and issues and I know that if I use this there won’t be any irritation or flare ups. It’s really hydrating and doesn’t feel greasy which means that foundation glides effortlessly over the top which is exactly what you want. Hydration is essential because dry skin means that makeup will go patchy and start to move. For eyes I’ll apply the Cavier and Pearl Eye Cream again, as a great primer for under-the-eye concealer to stop it creasing and moving.”




“If it’s a day event then the last layer of skin care pre-makeup is of course, sunscreen with the Sunscreen Lotion SPF50. This one is ideal as it sits really well on the skin and makeup layers over that nicely. This also glides over limbs, and I like to finish off the experience with some luxurious Dry Skin Relief Body Butter on arms or legs.”

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