Keeping Your Hands Soft, Supple And Germ-Free

Hand sanitiser has become an everyday staple of 2020.

With all that’s going on in the world, maintaining hand hygiene has become especially important, and with winter in full swing, we all need to continue practising healthy habits.

We believe that you can have healthy germfree hands, minus dry and cracked skin.

Our iconic hand sanitiser formula is the perfect combination of health and luxury.

Keeping your hands clean without the nasty side effects that most sanitisers can have on the health of your skin.


About Our Sanitiser

Our luxe formula not only smells amazing but it also gets the job done.

We use high-purity ethanol (70%v/v), therefore it does not have the harsh unrefined smell associated with alcohol-based hand sanitisers and won’t dry your skin, even with regular use.

The All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser also won’t deplete your skin’s natural barrier function, which means you won’t have to worry about drying out the moisture from your hands, keeping them soft, supple, and sanitised.

It’s the special inclusion of refreshing lemon oil, soothing/repair extracts of aloe vera and echinacea, and hydrating actives of glycerin and panthenol, that unlike other formulas, actively works to make your hands even softer.

We know safety for you and your entire family are of the utmost importance, and by using our hand sanitiser you can rest assured that your whole family will be safe and protected.

Formulated to the Centre Of Disease Control Guidelines for the response of COVID-19, our hand sanitising products adhere to this global health standard.

You can stock your entire household with our All-Purpose Sanitiser, our elegant and sweet-smelling formula comes in different sizes and packaging styles.


Our All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser Spray 100ML is perfect for keeping by your front door, or in your bedroom. The lightweight and non-sticky formula is a great added level of protection throughout the day, a handy top-up to stay safe and sanitised while going about your daily activities.


Our All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ML comes in a pump bottle, making it easy to use for the whole family. Great for keeping in the kitchen, or at the entrance of your home, so everyone will be reminded to fight germs and stay healthy.


Our NEW All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser Gel 100ML is the ideal companion to keep in your handbag or send to school in your kid's backpack. Little ones love the smell, and it won’t dry out their busy hands so they can stay safe on the playground.



Hand Cream

We’ve all been washing our hands pretty religiously lately, and it’s important to maintain the health of your skin when it’s spending extra time under hot water covered in soap.

Our Barrier Fortifying Hand Cream works to protect your hands from the drying damages that excessive washing can bring.

The non-greasy and nourishing formula is filled with skin barrier fortifying lipids, hyaluronic acids for hydration, and plant extracts. The hint of spearmint and orange oil will soothe any dry and irritated skin while leaving you smelling delicious.

The hyaluronic acid used stays on the skin, so even throughout numerous washes, your hands will stay hydrated and soft.

The best part is it smells amazing!

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