Meet our Mandelic Acid Peel - for pigmentation & blemishes

Welcome to our Brightening Peel. A chemical exfoliant attending to pigmentation and blemishes with Mandelic and Lactic acids that focuses on the outer layers of the skin, as well as Turmeric (tetrahydrocurcumin at 0.25%), and Mulberry and Licorice extracts. 10 minutes a week is all it takes to give you flawless, smooth skin, reducing breakouts, blackheads and dullness.


Mandelic Acid and Lactic Acid, what do they do for your skin?

Mandelic and Lactic Acids are forms of AHA which work by loosening the connections between surface skin cells, allowing them to shed naturally, leading to a fresher, brighter complexion. They also provide hydrating properties, improve the appearance of fine lines and help brighten uneven skin tone. Pores appear visibly smaller, skin texture is radiant and smooth. Mandelic’s antibacterial properties are especially beneficial in the treatment of oily skin and acne, providing oil control and regulation of sebum. Sounds like magic, but really is just the wonders of science.


What makes Mandelic Acid so special?

Its higher molecular weight means it penetrates the skin more slowly, making it the gentlest and most easily tolerated of the AHA family. Perfect for those who normally find chemical exfoliants irritating and even better, it is safe to use while pregnant. Rejoice!

Even more reason to celebrate, Mandelic is the AHA of choice for darker skin tones. The potency of other AHA’s such as Glycolic sometimes prove problematic on darker skin tones, creating more pigmentation instead of reducing. Thanks to Mandelic’s gentle nature, it causes less irritation and with it, less chance of causing any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


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The Brightening Peel

Our new Brightening Correction Peel is specifically formulated to help reduce both pigmentation and blemishes, perfect for hormonal skin. Its focus is on the outer layers of the skin which means it is both gentle and safe during pregnancy. 


 Brightening Correction Peel with Mandelic Acid

7 reasons why you’ll love the Brightening Peel:

  1. Brightens and rejuvenates skin
  2. Evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of pigmentation, sun spots, melasma
  3. Reduces appearance of enlarged or blocked pores
  4. Increases cell turnover
  5. Anti-ageing
  6. Anti-acne and anti-inflammatory
  7. Stimulates collagen 

Who should use the Brightening Peel?

  • Anyone wanting to target dull complexion, uneven skin-tone and pigmentation
  • Anyone with acne-prone skin
  • People with sensitive skin
  • People with darker skin tones
  • Pregnant women who want to use a hydroxy acid peel

Brightening Correction PeelBrigthening Correction Peel



    It is important to note that because the Brightening Peel focuses on the outer layer of the skin, superficial shedding and peeling is common. Stick to the instructions to avoid peeling too much and don’t use it with other actives. Pair with Deep Hydration Moisture Cream to keep skin hydrated if experiencing peeling and always use sunscreen.


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