The 3 step all-body skincare routine

We sometimes forget that our skin extends past the face and neck. And during summer more of it is exposed to the elements; sun, pollution, sand, pool water as well as layers of sunscreen, and when you add dancefloors and some sweat into the mix … ugh. Don’t leave all this skin to fend for itself, show it a little love with a full-body skincare routine in 3 simple steps.


If double cleansing is good for your face, then why not do the same for your body? After cleansing with your usual shower wash, give yourself a gentle scrub down with the Resurfacing Micro Dermabrasian Scrub. With a duo of physical and chemical exfoliation, it gently removes dead skin cells and product build up (sunscreen, sweat), which minimises the chance of blocked pores. Especially important for those who experience body acne. Hello, healthy, glowing skin.


Ingrown hairs are no-one’s friend, apply a layer of the Ingrown Hair Treatment Lotion to help prevent bumpy blemishes, pimple-like rashes and ingrown hairs. 



If you find yourself wanting more from your regular body lotion, something that sinks deep into the skin and gives you that ultimate, long-lasting hydration and super-soft feel. That is where the Bio Vitamin Oil comes in. Body oils can give your skin something that lotions can’t - a silky, luminous, lit-from-within glow, perfect for warm summer evenings.

A cocktail of much-loved oils and extracts such as Rosehip and Jojoba Oil, Squalane and Bakuchiol with scents of Patchouli and Rose Geranium, as well as skin-nourishing Vitamins C & E all provide your skin with the ultimate relief from dry skin and long-lasting hydration. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this modern oil is nothing like the greasy, sticky oils of old. This satiny-smooth oil sinks in deeply for noticeably moisturised skin.

Not only an indulgent experience, it also helps to smooth scars, soothe irritated skin, rashes, and very dry skin, great for stretch marks and an all-over, deeply nourishing body treatment. Apply post-shower to damp skin for the ultimate indulgent effect.

Prefer a rich cream? The Dry Skin Relief Body Butter is enriched with shea butter to leave you feeling enveloped in hydration. Infused with the gentle scent of vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and ylang ylang, this velvety soft butter is a treat for all the senses. Spot treatment on elbows, knees and any other dry patches for relief in a flash.


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