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Which Chemical Exfoliating Peel is Best for Your Skin?

A chemical exfoliating peel can do wonders for your skin - they give super fast results that day to day products simply cannot, and can blow you away with their success. However there are often many options available and come in different strengths. Wondering which chemical exfoliating peel suits your skin goals best? Here's our guide to choosing the right one for your skin.


What is a Chemical Exfoliating Peel?

While many of the products in the La Clinica skincare range are exfoliants; either chemical, enzymatic or a physical scrub, today we’re focusing on just the peels.


A chemical exfoliating peel is a liquid acid treatment that works to remove the top layer of the skin including dead skin cells and dry, flaky, dull patches. 

They contain skincare acids in concentrated form, like Beta-Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), that work to increase skin cell turnover by dissolving the bonds between dead skin cells. For the full deep dive into chemical exfoliation, be sure to read our Ultimate Guide to Skincare Acids 

Peels are essentially an exfoliation wonder treatment and can be pretty powerful, which is why they’re usually a wash-off product. Think 10 minutes and you’re done! Leaving them on for too long can cause irritation such as redness, peeling, dry skin and possible skin barrier impairment.

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The Best Peel for Pigmentation or Hormonal Skin


Brightening Correction Peel

A skin-brightening, dark spot-fighting, hormonal breakout-preventing peel that is surprisingly gentle on the skin. Hero ingredients Mandelic and Lactic Acid, are larger molecules than say Glycolic Acid, which means they penetrate the skin more slowly and don’t necessarily go as deep. Therefore the peel acts on a more superficial, shallow level and has less chance of irritation. Perfect for slightly more sensitive skin types who want to exfoliate with an acid, but also great during pregnancy and breastfeeding to help limit pesky pigmentation and blemishes.

What to expect

With regular use, the Brightening Correction Peel helps fade the appearance of dark spots and reduces the chance of breakouts and blemishes. Brighter, glowier skin here you come!


Shop the Brightening Correction Peel


The Best Exfoliating Peel for Blemishes and Oily Skin


Clear Skin Multi Fruit Acid

 The Clear Skin Multi-fruit Acid Serum is your best ally in an anti blemish routine. Containing 2% Salicylic Acid, a proven chemical exfoliant to clear out and unclog pores, removing the bacteria and debris lurking beneath. 

What to expect

The Multi-fruit Acid Serum is suitable to be used frequently and consistently to prevent spots before they have a chance to form. The serum is gentle and hydrating enough for regular use and the multi-fruit acid, which contains a high amount of glycolic and lactic acid, will leave you with a beautiful glow. 


Shop the Clear Skin Multi Fruit Acid Serum


The Best Exfoliating Peel for Ageing Skin



Age Reversal High Performance Hydroxy Acid Exfoliator

We’re not exaggerating when we named this product “High Performance”. A powerhouse of an exfoliator, this chemical peel combines 6 different hydroxy acids to deliver Results with a capital ‘r’.

All your favourite acids in one product including, Glycolic, Mandelic, Lactic, Salicylic as well as lesser-known, but in no way lesser acids of Tartaric and Gluconolactone to provide you with the results of a professional peel, without the downtime. The High Performance Exfoliator is your one-stop, anti ageing treatment.

What to expect

You’ll notice a visibly more radiant, evenly-toned, clarified complexion with less congestion and fine lines appear minimised. Makeup will glide on more smoothly and the skin will feel soft and plump.



Shop the Age Reversal High Performance Hydroxy Acid Exfoliator

Does the skin really “peel off” with a chemical peel?

At-home peels won’t usually make your skin peel off like a professional peel would. But depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you may feel tingling, burning, itching, dryness, redness or tightness after a chemical peel, and see peeling or flaking within a week.

To avoid any irritation, be sure to follow your peel application instructions, don’t go over the suggested time frame and always follow up with hydrating, soothing, skin barrier-supporting skincare products. And always always use sunscreen.

What products to use after your chemical exfoliating peel

Aftercare is super important when exfoliating your skin. You want to ensure you are babying your skin and not adding any extra undue stress, meaning no active ingredients. Nourishing ingredients include hydrating serums, moisturisers, and plant oils that will help repair and strengthen the skin barrier.

La Clinica’s Skin Barrier Support range is exactly what the skin needs at this stage, containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides, niacinamide, and plant oils as well as soothing allantoin, oat beta glucan and many more skin barrier loving ingredients.


Shop all Skin Barrier Support


And of course sunscreen. SPF50+ is absolutely necessary after any exfoliating treatment. La Clinica's Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ is lightweight and fragrance free, perfect for everyday use to keep your skin protected and healthy.



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