Here is your guide to transitioning into winter skin care

Surprise, just like that it’s winter.


And your skin is feeling the brunt of it. Winter brings with it cold and dry air, a nightmare recipe for parched skin. Add to that the heater we’re cranking on-the-daily and those long, hot showers (we know we shouldn't be having), the amount of moisture our skin is losing is making our complexions as dry as … well, you know the drill.


Without moisture, your skin's barrier to protect itself becomes weak and prone to inflammation and damage.


How to care for winter skin 

Ergo, it is time to change up how you treat your skin. Summer is a time for light creams and serums, with a big focus on sun protection. Winter skin wants maximum hydration and moisturisation, coupled with repair actives such Vitamin A (which we will cover in the coming weeks - watch this space). We’re going to fill you in on our team’s favourite winter to summer skincare switches to help you save your skin.


Dry Vs Dehydrated Skin

But first, enter the dry vs dehydrated skin perplexity, we know it's tough to get your head around whether your skin is dry or dehydrated. Simply google the phrase and you’ll find a plethora of articles to pore over, so here at LA CLINICA we’ve taken the confusion out of the question;


Get yourself an oil that does both.





A Hyaluronic Acid-filled facial oil

LA CLINICA’s Re-Activation Nourishing Facial Oil is different. Not only does it contain our favourite powerhouse emollients, Squalane, Jojoba oil, Chia seed oil, Argan oil and Rosehip oil to name a few. Each of these working together to soften and moisturise the skin, but also provide anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, promote wound healing and support the skin barrier.


But wait, there’s more.


A facial oil that 'plumps' skin

It also contains a unique dehydrated hyaluronic acid suspension. When applied to the skin it absorbs moisture that would otherwise be escaping from deeper layers and retains it in place, creating a more hydrated, resilient, robust skin barrier.


In other words, it regulates the amount of moisture escaping, providing better hydration and creating plump and nourished skin. This process also smoothes out wrinkles. Double win.


*** (a note from our formulator) Dehydrated skin is typically the result of a compromised skin barrier and the outer layers of the skin loses moisture in excess of replenishment from deeper within.


Here's how to transition into Winter Skincare:


1. Layering products is the way to go for long lasting effects


2. Think about switching your face wash from a gel to a cream cleanser.


The delicate yet luxurious creamy texture of these three are gentler on winter skin than a gel. Choose your player:

 - Sensitive Skin Dermatological Facial Cleanser 250mL

 - Anti Ageing Gentle Milk Facial Cleanser 250mL

 - Rebalancing Facial Cleanser 250mL

3. Leave light-weight lotions for summer and use a rich, hydrating cream that moisturises for hours but without feeling overly heavy.

Already an instant classic within the HQ. The Essentials Deep Hydration Moisture Cream is a no-nonsense moisturiser contains the triple moisturising system of humectants, emollients and occlusives. Formulated for hydration, skin-nourishment and skin barrier repair. Hero ingredients ceramides, cholesterol, and plant oils rich in essential fatty acids to mimic epidermal lipids as well as specific hyaluronic acids that target the skin barrier.


4. Use a cream format chemical exfoliant.

Our AHA, BHA & PHA Complex + Vitamin C Moisture Cream really packs a punch, diminishing the look of fine lines and gently removing built up layers of dead skin for a more radiant skin tone. Even so, the cream format is more easily tolerated and the hydroxy acids double as humectants (aka keeps the moisture in).


Don’t forget your body needs skincare too.

Sometimes we’re so focused on our skincare routine that we forget and neglect the rest of our body. Skin is in fact an organ so remember to show the rest of it some love as well.


Bio Vitamin Oil - douse your skin with a range of vitamins and plant oils. Perfect for stretch marks, scars and dry skin.


Body Butter - the ultimate indulgence! Slather this all over and you’ll feel as though you’ve just spent the day at the spa.


Hand Cream - all that extra hand washing and sanitising we’ve been doing ain’t doing our hands any favours. Treat your hands with our Nourishing Orange & Spearmint Hand Cream that contains a unique Hyaluronic Acid that stays on the skin by means of ionic bond to deliver hydration, even after washing.


Sunscreen - Don’t skip out on this just because it is winter! Our matte finish sunscreen will sit perfectly under makeup or as your final layer.

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