What is the difference between Deep Hydration and Hydrating Gel Cream?

With the recent addition to our Essentials moisturiser range - the Hydrating Gel Cream, we’ve often been asked what the difference is between the Gel Cream and our iconic Deep Hydration Moisture Cream. So we’re here to break it down for you.


The Deep Hydration Moisture Cream

A long time in the making, this cream was dreamed up by our team as the ultimate moisturiser. Ceramides, Niacinamide, fatty acids, Oat Beta Glucan, Allantoin are all clinically-proven ingredients designed to support your skin barrier for strong, healthy skin and to reduce possible irritation. It is designed to top off an active skin care routine or support and protect an impaired skin barrier. Containing no fragrances or essential oils, the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream is for all skin types. Described as ‘a pleasure to use’, its buttery-soft texture sinks into the skin and leaves you feeling hydrated all day long.


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The Hydrating Gel Cream

We took what was loved about the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream and made it *light*. The Hydrating Gel Cream has less oil than the Deep Hydration so if plant oils in your skincare is not something you’re after, the Gel Cream is your best choice. It still features most of the same ingredients but with more Hyaluronic Acid, so it actually doubles as your hydrating serum. It leaves behind a dewy glow so also great as a primer under makeup.

The Hydrating Gel Cream’s texture is something else, light and silky, your skin is left feeling fresh and dewy.


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If both tickle your fancy, here are some suggested ways to use them;

  • Hydrating Gel Cream in summer / Deep Hydration in Winter
  • Hydrating Gel Cream in the morning / Deep Hydration at night

The key differences between the Hydrating Gel Cream and the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream

  • More plant oils feature in the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream
  • More Hyaluronic Acid in the Hydrating Gel Cream
  • The Deep Hydration is a rich cream
  • The Gel Cream is a light and glowy gel / lotion


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