3 Ways to Combat Dry Skin

...with the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream


These final weeks of winter seem to be never-ending, and if they're causing havoc on your skin in the form of a dry, flaky nuisance, you're in good company. Dry skin can be a real party pooper, but fear not – we've got the inside scoop on how to kick that flakiness to the curb. We've rounded up three dynamite, deeply hydrating strategies to drench your skin in much-needed moisture. 

How to Combat Dry Skin with The Deep Hydration Moisture Cream

You may have heard us wax lyrical about the Essentials Deep Hydration Moisture Cream. But if you need more convincing to jump on the bandwagon, or maybe just an excuse to buy yourself another tube, we’ve come up with not just one, but 3 ways to give your skin mega-moisture with our favourite skin barrier-boosting moisture cream.


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1. As your Daily Moisture Cream

A little obvious! But we think this is the ultimate dry skin moisturiser for winter. The Deep Hydration Moisture Cream is a buttery-rich (but not too rich!) moisture cream that melts into the skin, leaving it oh-so-soft and hydrated. Containing all the barrier-boosting ingredients we could possibly fit into one, gorgeous cream. Thoroughly researched with truck loads of clinical data to back them up, our formulator chose only the best, most universally tolerable components to create this cream.

How to use the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream 

The perfect cream for any and all routines! After cleansing and any serums or lightweight oils, apply a generous amount of the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream evenly across your skin. Gently massage it in using upward motions. This routine helps lock in moisture throughout the day, creating a hydrated and plump complexion. It's particularly beneficial for those with dry or dehydrated skin types or alongside active ingredients such as retinol or chemical exfoliants.


2. Apply a Thick Layer as an Overnight Hydrating Mask

If your skin could use some *seriously* deep nourishment, apply it on top of a light moisturiser to double down on hydration and act as a seal on top of the product. Adding the Deep Hydration Cream as an additional layer to your normal night routine helps super dry, dull skin to truly lock in moisture and promote a rejuvenated, radiant complexion by morning.

How to Use Deep Hydration as an Overnight Hydrating Mask

Before going to bed, cleanse your face and follow your normal routine. Finish with a more-than-generous layer of Deep Hydration. Feel free to allow it to absorb and then go in again with another layer. This will create a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss while you sleep. You'll wake up to soft, supple, and rejuvenated skin. This method is excellent for providing parched skin with a super-powered boost of hydration all through the night.

3. As an Instantly Softening & Hydrating Lip & Body Treatment

Don't stop at your skin—pamper those luscious lips too! Instead of using the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream just for your complexion, you can use it as a targeted treatment for specific dry areas, yes even your lips! Rough patches on your elbows? Knobbly knees? Chapped lips? Deep Hydration does it all. 

How to Use Deep Hydration as a Targeted Lip & Body Treatment 

Apply a generous amount of the cream to any dry area or rough patch on your skin such as your elbows, knees, hands or lips. This helps provide intensive hydration to those areas that need it most, leaving them feeling soft and smooth. Gently rub over chapped lips and watch as they go from parched to plump and soft almost instantly.

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