4 Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Bed Linen

How to Care for Your Linen Sheets So They Last

So you’ve splurged on some gorgeous bed linen, well done you! It might be a crisp white set for a minimalist look, or perhaps you’ve gone colourful with a bright-hued duo of carefully considered shades. Either way, you’re going to want to care for those new threads in order for them to stand the test of time and maximise longevity.

1. Washing Your Linen

Fabric & Linen Laundry Wash Liquid Detergent 1Lt

It is important to wash linen in a liquid detergent. The Fabric & Linen Laundry Wash Liquid Detergent is eco-friendly and non-toxic, gentle enough for sensitive skin types and newborns thanks to its allergen-free and hypoallergenic formula. Instead of synthetic fragrances or perfumes, this Liquid Detergent is infused with plant-derived essential oils, creating an unassuming yet elegant scent of lavender, cedarwood and eucalyptus that is subtle yet calming, especially when trying to relax at bedtime.


They say linen only gets better with time, and with this Liquid Detergent providing around 62 washes per bottle, your linen will be fantastically soft by the end of the bottle 


2. Drying Your Linen

Save on energy bills and prevent any damage by drying your sheets outside in the free air. If this is not an option for you (weather, small apartments, time - we get it!) throw some dryer balls into your dryer on a cool setting to help speed up the drying process.


3. Caring For Your Linen

In between washes, care for your sheets with the Mattress & Linen Protectant Spray. Reviving sheets and pillows with its heavenly smell of lavender and cedarwood, the Protectant Spray leaves bedding delightfully fresh, all while protecting your family against common bed bugs and dust mites. 


4. Styling Your Linen

The great thing about linen is that it can be the centre-piece of the room. Forgo the iron for a natural, lived-in look that linen is so well-known for. Mix and match your linen sets to create a bold, unique look, or read up on some colour-choosing tips. Add a few extra pillows on, or artfully place a throw across the end of the bed for added warmth now that the weather is cooling down. 

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