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This season, the Ton is all ablaze with the wondrous benefits of La Clinica skincare. As we anticipate the arrival of the upcoming season, let us divert ourselves by revisiting our beloved Bridgerton characters and speculating on the skincare they might choose to indulge in.

The question on everyone’s mind is, of course: which skincare product will make your skin shine the brightest?

Colin Bridgerton - Age Reversal Eye Treatment Gel

Colin's entry into Season 3 is nothing short of captivating, with a newfound confidence that mirrors the transformation of the humble eye product. Formerly unexciting and dull, eye products are now taking centre stage with the Age Reversal Eye Treatment Gel’s potent yet lightweight formula, just like Colin's shift from boyish charm to an undeniable smouldering presence.

The question “under what foreign sun did you apparently get so… sturdy?” lingers, reflecting not only Colin's physical transformation but also the evolution of eye care products, a departure from the old, marking a new era of sophistication and effectiveness.




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Penelope Featherington - Anti Ageing 3 Fruit Enzymes Exfoliating Scrub & Mask

Underestimated and full of hidden potential, Pen embodies the essence of an oft-forgotten (yet reliably effective) Anti Ageing Scrub Mask. Penelope's quiet demeanour and unassuming nature can cause her to be underestimated in the bustling world of high society. However, beneath the surface, both Penelope and the Scrub Mask possess qualities that make them invaluable.

Penelope's double identity as the mysterious Lady Whistledown adds another layer of intrigue, mirroring the scrub mask's double use as both a scrub and a mask. Lady Whistledown's revelations bring clarity to the scandals and mysteries of the ton, just as the Anti Ageing Scrub Mask brings radiance to the complexion, making it a valuable addition to any skincare routine.




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Anthony Bridgerton - Deep Hydration Moisture Cream

Just like the glow-up our muttonchop-less Viscount had last season, skin barrier creams have also very much taken their place as head of the family. And what better product than the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream; a unisex, fragrance-free moisture cream that keeps skin strong, yet is deep down a real softy. It hydrates, supports the skin barrier and keeps the skin resilient, for when you should simply like to “be prepared”.



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Kate Sharma - The Rebalancing Night Cream

A combination of emotions made last season a torment of feelings for our leading lady. Torn between her loyalty to her family and her heart's desire, at least she won't have to be torn between choosing her skincare.

The Rebalancing range is where Kate finds her favourite multi-tasking Night Cream. It hydrates, calms and contains two forms of Vitamin A which helps to reduce blemishes, signs of ageing and smooths skin tone. A do-it-all product for when you want to attend to multiple concerns at once


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Edwina Sharma - Brightening Correction Peel

A glowy, radiant complexion is Edwina’s skin goal. To shine from within… like a diamond perhaps? The younger Miss Sharma favours the Brightening Peel, with Mandelic, Lactic and Glycolic acidS to improve radiance and even out discoloured skin and encourage the attention of potential suitors. For a luminous complexion worthy of even the Queen’s discerning eye.



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Queen Charlotte - Pure Retinol in Luxurious Plant Oils

Retinol in Luxurious Plant Oils is without a doubt, the Queen. A miracle anti-ageing product, temperamental at times if not approached wisely, yet powerful enough to enact great change. Results enough to say, “Flawless my dear!” The Queen demands the best and nothing less, and when you pair the benefits of retinol with luxe oils, it really is a sumptuous duo, would you not agree? 



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Lady Danbury - Age Reversal Range

The Age Reversal range is all Lady Danbury uses; bold and unafraid to ruffle some feathers, these products really pack a punch. Retinol, Peptides, AHAs and luxe Caviar and Pearl are not only potent, active ingredients, but also results-driven and clinically-proven. No messing around here! The inimitable Lady D is a no-nonsense, straight-shooter who wants top-of-the-line skincare that gets right to work. 



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Eloise Bridgerton - Vitamin C Pro Super Serum

The multi-benefit Vitamin C Pro Super Serum reflects Eloise’s pragmatic nature, offering a comprehensive approach to skincare. Combining superior antioxidant defence, brightening, and anti-ageing properties, it aligns with her active lifestyle and intellectual pursuits. Simply pair with an SPF and your routine is good to go - effortless, functional beauty without the fuss. But reader beware, Eloise and the Pro Super Serum are a touch feisty, and those of a sensitive disposition should befriend with caution.



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