How To Banish The Dreaded Winter Skin

As winter starts to well and truly set in, our skin needs a little extra TLC to combat all the damage that these chilly months can bring.

From cold air that leaves your complexion dry and itchy to indoor heating that robs your skin of moisture, winter can absolutely wreak havoc on that dewy glow.

We’ve compiled our favourite products that hydrate and soothe the skin, so you can keep looking your healthiest best, no matter what the weather throws at you.


Age Reversal Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil 

Cleansing is so important at any time of the year, but it is especially vital during these harsh winter months.

The Age Reversal Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil will not only remove any make-up and impurities that you’ve collected throughout the day, but it will also reinforce your skin’s protective barrier, vital for fighting against winter nasties.

What we love about the cleansing oil is that it is gentle enough to use in the eye area, so it will work on even the most stubborn rain-resistant water-proof mascara.

Double Cleanse

Rebalancing Vitamin A Facial Cleanser

This luxe cream cleanser works perfectly to help replenish any tired-looking or blemished complexions.

Working to both cleanse and remove impurities, this Vitamin A cleanser will keep your skin’s protective barrier working effectively, saving your skin from any damages that come from harsh winter winds and those strong indoor heating systems.


Essentials Hydrating & Healing Serum

This serum is a cocktail of ultra-hydrating ingredients, exactly what your skin needs to survive the harshness of winter.

Made with 7 hyaluronic acids, this hydrating serum will work overtime to restore moisture into your complexion and maintain your skin’s barrier function. It will fix any dehydration or compromised conditions.

It's important to remember that in winter everything from your heater to your morning walk is conspiring against the moisture in your skin. Hydration is the most important thing to maintain a glowing complexion throughout these cold months, and our Essentials Hydrating & Healing Serum works as a secret weapon against dryness.

Face Oil

Gly C Refine Vitamin C Potent Antioxidant Oil

This hydrating face oil is packed with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, two ingredients that mix together to decrease water loss, allowing your skin to retain its natural moisture easier.

An added benefit of Vitamin C will leave your complexion luminous and radiant. Working to fight against pollution and UV induced stress, this face oil will leave your skin glowing, even if the weather outside is less than favourable.


Firming Lift Caviar & Pearl Repair Facial Moisture Cream

Don’t overlook the importance of a hardworking moisturiser to give you your dewiest glow yet.

Our Firming Lift Caviar & Pearl Repair Facial Moisture Cream will give you fast results, with a complex formula packed with biomimetic peptides that hydrate and firm your skin.

The added bonus of this luxe moisturiser is how firm and youthful it leaves the complexion, not only fighting against winter damages but leaving your skin looking younger and healthier than ever.


Anti Ageing 3 Fruit Enzymes Exfoliating Scrub & Mask

The Anti Aging 3 Fruit Enzymes Exfoliating Scrub & Mask uses Mother Nature's finest ingredients to nourish and smooth your skin.

The fruit enzymes used in this scrub will remove your dead skin cells and promote cell renewal. The application also will clear out your pores, which in turn helps to improve the texture and elasticity of your skin, while accelerating your skin cell turnover.

This process is what gives you a youthful glow, getting rid of your tired skin to unveil the beautiful radiance underneath.


Age Reversal Vitamin C & Enzymes Rehydrating Treatment Mask

A face mask is an incredibly important part of any skincare routine, but especially when you’re up against the damaging effects of winter.

This multi-task mask not only hydrates your skin but also adds luminosity to help you glow even on the cloudiest dull day. Not only packed with fruit enzymes like papain and bromelain which work to soften your skin, but it is also filled with Vitamin C to brighten and nourish a younger-looking complexion.

This mask is a must-have in your skincare routine because of its large array of multi-purpose actions. The multiple positive benefits that the Age Reversal Vitamin C & Enzymes Rehydrating Treatment Mask has on the skin include softening, hydrating, radiance, cooling and nourishing.

We recommend using this mask twice a week during winter to hydrate, soften and defend your skin against the nasties of the cold weather.

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