Hydrating & Healing Serum
Hydrating & Healing Serum


Hydrating & Healing Serum 30mL

Your skin goal: Supple, bouncy, hydrated skin.
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The ULTIMATE hydration serum has arrived.

Soft, silky and never sticky, the Hydrating & Healing Serum is your one-stop-shop for daily hydration. Also the perfect product to use after skin needling, laser, peels and potent actives or antioxidants. Formulated to help skin maximise hydration, assist in skin recovery and encourage faster healing. 

Hyaluronic Acid is a well-loved, even cherished ingredient. It has the unique and powerful ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, can bind water to skin cells and therefore infuse the layers of skin with moisture. However, did you know, not all HA’s are created equal? The Hydrating & Healing Serum contains eight different specifically chosen Hyaluronic Acids. Each impressive on their own, together forming a mighty superhero of a hydration serum.

Types of Hyaluronic Acids

  • Zinc Hyaluronate To promote healing
  • HyaloRepair - A patented HA to target skin barrier function recovery, increase water content of the skin barrier, and reduce TEWL.
  • Hyaloveil - Has the opposite charge of the skin’s surface and therefore adheres to the skin via ionic bond. It also demonstrates 9 times more hydration compared to common HA, even after washing.
  • Hyal-Oligo - Penetrates beyond the skin barrier to provide long lasting moisture retention.
  • HA Booster - Penetrates the epidermis delivering hydration to deeper levels and signalling fibroblast (elastin) and collagen production, increasing the skin’s firmness.

What’s more, is that we cold process the hyaluronic acid and mix under ultra-low shear. This safeguards the product from change in molecular weight which compromises its specific targeted action. 

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Negative effects of intensive treatments are cushioned due to the serum’s focus on skin barrier fortification and gentle nourishment. Oat Beta Glucan, Allantoin and Centella Extract work to soothe the skin and support wound healing. Centella has demonstrated the ability to inhibit the enzyme that would normally break down HA, potentially increasing the effects of HA. Ceramides fortify the skin barrier and improve long term moisture levels, while a peptide targets over-reactive skin by helping increase the skin’s tolerance. Enough Niacinamide to help strengthen and nourish the skin, but not too much to cause irritation. 

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Beauty products for beautiful skin

The skin’s natural barrier, known as the stratum corneum, forms an effective shield, restricting environmental stressors such as toxins, allergens, and pathogens from penetrating the skin. It works to protect the skin from chemical damage, irritants, abrasion, UV, and regulating the escape of moisture. Immune response biosensors, antioxidants, antimicrobial peptides, and anti-microbial lipids defend against threats that have managed to penetrate the shield.

This self-regulating, dynamic natural barrier system can adjust and adapt its composition in response to external stressors, fortifying its defense and addressing the damage. However, dehydration and inflammation impair many catalysts required for optimum function, hindering its ability to protect and repair. The skin’s natural barrier system is fundamental to maintain healthy skin. A compromised stratum corneum is directly correlated to undesirable skin conditions such as sensitive skin, acne, dry skin, loss of elasticity, and accelerated signs of ageing.

The La Clinica Essentials Hydrating Healing Serum contains soothing, nourishing, and fortifying actives to assist the skin's barrier.


What is the best hydrating serum?

Since everyone is different, there are no one-size-fits all when it comes to the realm of beauty. However, the best hydrating serums contain high concentrations of active ingredients, as well as hyaluronic acid. This is because it’s able to hold up to 1000 times its weight in hydration, enabling you to gain a huge dose of moisture at application.

What does a hydrating serum do?

While all products vary, hydrating serums, in particular, are formulated with a goal to hydrate lacklustre, dehydrated skin. A number of healing serums contain lipid-replenishing ingredients and antioxidants, which deeply nourish the skin and strengthen the skin cells. Even the healthiest skin can have its dry moments, so incorporating a hydrating serum into your beauty regime can not only enhance your skin’s moisture levels but also provide instant comfort and relief to malnourished skin.

How do you use a hydrating serum?

In order to gain the best results, we recommend using your serum after cleansing and toning the skin, but prior to applying your face cream or moisturiser. Simply take a generous amount and gently apply it to the face and the neck. Allow the formulas to dry and work their magic before you apply any other skin products such as oils or creams.

Do hydrating serums work?

Absolutely! Especially when you use products formulated to work with your skin, not against it. If you’re looking to elevate your skincare routine, serums are the perfect way to do so. While they cannot replace a moisturiser, the molecules in hydrating serums are to deeply penetrate the skin and restore the skin barrier. The benefits of this are hydration on a much deeper level - much deeper than a moisturiser can provide alone.


Use morning and night after cleansing and toning.

Apply a generous amount onto face and neck areas.

Allow to dry.

Follow with serums, facial oil and face cream.


Aqua, Niacinamide, Oat Beta Glucan, Centella Asiatica (Centella) Extract, Panthenol, Glycerin (Soy / Rapeseed derived), Propanediol, Phenoxyethanol, Ceramide NP (N-Stearoyl-phytosphingosine), Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, C12-C13 Alkyl Glyceryl Hydrolyzed Hyaluronate, Zinc Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Coco-Glucoside, Tetrapeptide-15, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Citrate, Tetrahydropiperine.

La Clinica For Skin and Body prides itself on its innovation and thus the ingredients listed here may differ from the packaging depending on the time and region of purchase.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): 

• Anti-oxidant

• Regulates sebum production

• Increases production and turnover of epidermal cells

• Increases epidermal lipids and proteins

• Improves skin barrier function

• Reduces TEWL

• Improves skin texture / smoothness

• Reduces the appearance of pores

• Anti inflammatory

• Anti glycation

• Increases the production of collagen

• Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

• Improves skin elasticity

• Decreases pigmentation

• Decreases redness / blotchiness, yellow looking skin (sallowness)

Ceramide NP: 

Ceramides account for 40 – 50% of the lipids found in the outer layers of the skin. They fortify the skin’s natural barrier function; improve long term moisture levels and reduce transepidermal water loss.

As we age, ceramide production slows and the level of the lipids in the outer layers of our skin decreases. This impairs the skin function, and is associated with dry / rough skin, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, sensitive skin and skin disorders such as severe dryness (xerosis), dermatitis and psoriasis.

The Ceramide NP used in this formulation is encapsulated. This not only allows us to run stable high levels of Ceramide NP but assists in skin penetration; resulting in a higher efficacy of the ceramide compared to traditional Ceramide NP.

This combination increases hydration by 167% in comparison to the placebo and 99% over regular Ceramide-NP after 10 days.

Studies have shown that the quantity of Ceramide NP in the skin is significantly correlated with transepidermal water loss.

Acta derm venereal, 1998;78:27-30

• Found naturally within the skin (skin identical ingredient)

• More effective than regular Ceramide NP

• Maintains the skin’s moisture balance

• Reduces TEWL

• Repairs damaged skin barrier

• Effective in restoring dry and damaged skin

Panthenol (1% of total formulation): 

A form of vitamin b5. Known for it hydrating, soothing and protective properties.

• Improves and maintains skin barrier function. – J. Cosmet. Sci., 62, 361–369 ( July/August 2011) 

• Aids superficial wound healing. - Arzneimittelf, 50, 659-663 (2002), Am J Dermatol., 3, 427-433 (2002) 

• Hydrating. - J. Cosmet. Sci., 62, 361–369 ( July/August 2011) 

• Reduces evaporation (TEWL) of water from the outer-layers of the skin. – J. Cosmet. Sci., 62, 361–369 ( July/August 2011) 

• Protection against irritation. – Contact. Derm., 49, 80 – 84 (2003) 

• Has demonstrated that pre-treatment with topically applied panthenol resulted in significantly less damage to the stratum corneum compared with no treatment after inducing irritation. – J. Cosmet. Sci., 62, 361–369 ( July/August 2011), Br. J. Dermatol., 156, 492-498 (200) 

Oat Beta Glucan: 

• Anti inflammatory

• Supports wound healing

• Improves hydration

• Decreases skin roughness

• Decreases wrinkles

• Stimulates fibroblast and collagen production.

• Assists skin barrier function

IFSCC, 2005, Jan/Mar vol 8. (1)
Wound Repair and Regeneration, 10 (2002) 161-168.
 Phytotherapy Research (2014) Feb 159-166

Centella Asiatica Extract: 

• Effective in improving treatment of small wounds, superficial burns and psoriasis. - Postepy dermatol. Algergol. 2013 Feb; 30(1): 46-49

• Increases collagen production, and intercellular fibronectin content. - Pharm Biol. 2013;51 (9): 1182-1187, Postepy dermatol. Algergol. 2013 Feb; 30(1): 46-49, 

• Improves the tensile strength of newly formed skin. - Postepy dermatol. Algergol. 2013 Feb; 30(1): 46-49

• Anti-oxidant. - Int. J Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res. 36 (2) Jan-Feb art 12

• Anti inflammatory (soothing).  - Int. J Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res. 36 (2) Jan-Feb art 12, Phytomedicine, April 2018, pages 110–119

• Supports the skin’s barrier

• Hydrating

• Has demonstrated to inhibit the enzymatic action of hyaluronidase (enzyme that destroys hyaluronic acid within the skin) potentially increasing the effects of Hyaluronic Acid.  - Pharm Biol. 2013;51(9):1182-1187, J Biol Chem. 2007; 282(8):5597-5607


• Anti Inflammatory - Araújo LU et al. Acta Cir Bras. 2010;25:460-466. 

• Wound healing - Acta Cir. Bras. vol.25 no.5 São Paulo Sept./Oct. 2010

• Moisturisation - Indian J Dermatol. 2016 May-Jun; 61(3): 279–287. 

Skinasensyl [Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15]: 

A new generation neurocosmeceutical soother which targets over-reactive skin by:

• Decreasing the release of pro-inflammatory neuromediators (CGRP)

• Reduces the response of the sensory nerve fibres to external stimulation

• Increases the skin’s tolerance threshold.

• Reduction of sensations of pain and discomfort.


Humectants are water-attracting molecules that attract and retain moisture which is continually escaping from deep within the skin and from the environment in humid conditions.

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) 3 x molecular weights (high + med. + low): 

Hyaluronic Acid, the primary constituent of the extracellular matrix (ECM) is one of the most powerful humectants. It is renowned for binding up to 1000 times its own weight in water. It visibly plumps up the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. This is achieved mechanically with its targeted hydration and ECM reinforcing action and by signalling fibroblast and collagen production.

Hyaluronic Acid influences instrumental healing processes such as inflammation, cellular migration, tissue stabilisation and cellular renewal.

Hyaluronic acid, especially low molecular weight demonstrates potent anti oxidant properties.

All Hyaluronic Acids in La Clinica For Skin And Body’s products are cold processed and manufactured under low shear mixing to ensure the Hyaluronic Acid is not fragmented, compromising its specific targeted action.

Zinc Hyaluronate (Zn-HA): 

Traditionally used to treat “hard-to-heal” wounds such as diabetic ulcers. Zinc Hyaluronate facilitates healing and demonstrates (in-vivo) a reduction in the healing time of wounds.

C12-C13 Alkyl Glyceryl Hydrolyzed Hyaluronate (Hyalorepair): 

A patented hyaluronic acid targeting skin barrier function recovery.

• Targets the horny layer of the skin and repairs skin barrier function.

• Repairs out-balanced lamellar layer

• Prevents Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Reduces TEWL in comparison to common hyaluronic acid and placebo (in-vivo / ingredient manufacturer).

• Increases the water content of the Stratum Corneum in comparison to common hyaluronic acid and placebo (in-vivo / ingredient manufacturer).

Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate (Hyaloveil): 

In normal conditions, the skin’s surface is electronically charged negative. Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate is charged positive. This Hyaluronic Acid adheres to the skin by means of ionic bond.

• 17 times more residues left on skin compared to common Hyaluronic Acid after washing (in-vivo / ingredient manufacturer).

• 9 times more hydration in compared to common Hyaluronic Acid after wash (in-vivo / ingredient manufacturer).

• Improves rough skin (induced by SLS) (in-vivo / ingredient manufacturer).

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (Hyalo-Oligo): 

• Penetrates the Stratum Corneum.

• Long lasting moisture retention. Shown to increase hydration of the skin 3 days after application.

Sodium Hyaluronate (HAbooster): 

Penetrates into the epidermis of the skin, delivering hydration to deeper levels and signalling fibroblast and collagen production. HA Booster decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet and nasolabial folds. • Penetrates into the epidermis

• Promotes production of type 1 pro-collagen

• Promotes the production of collagen

• Promotes the production of metabolic enzyme (stimulates fibroblasts).

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

• Increases skin moisture by 25% @ 0.1% (in-vivo / ingredient manufacturer)

• Improves skin texture by -14.8% @ 0.1% (in-vivo / ingredient manufacturer)

Sodium Hyaluronate (Cristalhyal) The 24-hour moisturising HA: 

A high purity, high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid which forms a non-occlusive film at the surface of the skin; protecting the skin and retaining moisture levels.

Glycerin + Propanediol: 

Propanediol demonstrates improved skin hydration in comparison to glycerin at initial application but lacks the extended moisturisation capacity. However, when combined together, glycerin and propanediol work synergistically to not only improve but extend skin hydration.

Propanediol is naturally derived from sugarcane.

The Glycerin incorporated into all La Clinica For Skin & Body’s products is non-palm derived and sourced from Soy and Rapeseed.


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