Keeping you safe and healthy during COVID

Wallet, keys, phone, mask, check.
Hand Sanitiser….. check!
As living with COVID has become the expectation for our future, these unprecedented times sure have become…. precedented? 
Keep yourselves, family, friends and the community safe by sanitising your hands often. Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is a must-have item and it appears it is here to stay, so why not make it look chic? There is no denying, La Clinica’s All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser is the bougiest one around. Non-sticky, smells like a refreshing G&T and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, never stripped of moisture. 
Even if we’re social distancing, there are still a multitude of places germs and bacteria may be hiding: the supermarket trolley, lift buttons or the stair handrail and maintaining good hand hygiene is important. Everyone needs at least a bottle in the car, one at the office, another at the front door and of course, one for your bag. 

La Clinica has a range of sizes for each of these locations in mind.




The ‘original’ 500ml All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser Gel fits the cup holders in your car and its easy-to-access pump means no fuss or mess. It also looks rather good on the desk or shelf at the workplace.
Need something more compact? The All-Purpose Hand Sanitiser Gel also comes in a mini 100ml bottle for on-the-go antibacterial action.
Also available in a spray is the W.H.O Standard 250ml which comes with a handy trigger spray pump. Formulated to the WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines on hand hygiene.
Read more about our Hand Sanitisers here.
Going through a lot of sanitiser? Top up with the 5 litre bulk hand sanitiser option. Available in both gel and spray formulations.

Stay safe out there!

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