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Glowy, dewy and hydrated skin. It’s what we’re all after despite most of us spending our youth trying to reduce sheen! Just ask former WHO Magazine editor turned Content Creator, Ali Whittle. A serious skin care lover, Sydney-based Whittle has combination skin and knows the ingredients and products she needs to achieve the best results. Spoiler alert: Vitamin C and Retinol. Find her full skin story below — how it started with Clearasil — and the current routine she’s using to dial-up the dew factor.



“I live in Bondi with my husband and we’re close to the beach. If we swim there we’ll go early before it gets too hot and to avoid the crowds. My attitude towards the sun has changed so much and I think most people are (or should be) changing. I have stopped going out in the sun and laying on the beach. I go for a five-minute swim and then I leave! I’m wearing top-to-toe sunscreen, a rashy, hat, the works! My skin is olive, and when I was younger (and silly), I did tan, but no, not now. That scares me.”



“A huge highlight of my career was when I interviewed Julie Bishop for WHO’s Sexiest People issue. She was fantastic. We flew to Canberra to do that; woke up at 4am to shoot before she had to go into Parliament. In that issue I also interviewed Brooke Boney, she’s so inspiring, as well as Dylan Alcott. It was a great mix. I was always trying to find different, fascinating stories, and as many people from diverse backgrounds as I could.”



“I grew up with really oily skin. I never had crazy acne as a teenager (that came when I hit my early twenties), I just had normal pimples. I used to wash my face with Clearasil because I didn’t know any better. We didn’t have YouTube or TikTok to teach us! In my early twenties I went and saw a dermatologist and learnt about my skin. Now everything is totally under control, but I still remember those days. I would say that my skin is more combination: it can get dry, it can be oily, it depends on the time of the month or time of the year. I know what to do now and I think I’ve got good skintuition. At the moment, I don’t have many skin goals except for stay as hydrated and happy as possible and keep congestion at bay.”



Resurfacing Facial Cleansing Wash Gel with Glycolic Acid

I usually cleanse in the morning and at night with this gel. I need one packed with Glycolic Acid because I feel that sunscreen needs extra help to be properly removed. Having this ingredient and knowing that it’s getting everything off is very comforting for me.”


Anti Ageing Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil

“At night I’ll do a double cleanse. Starting with the gel and following with this beautiful oil. I think if you’re not cleansing properly at night that’s a big no-no. That’s when you will start to get congestion and breakout issues. You also don’t want to over-cleanse and feel too tight and these two together don’t. They leave skin feeling fresh. That’s key.”


Essentials Vitamin C Ultra Serum

“Vitamin C is such an important ingredient. It helps fight against pollution damage and free radicals. I use this in the morning. A few years ago, when I was having more breakouts, I found this ingredient worked so well for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Right now, it’s not something I’m trying to target. I think my skin is in a great place because I’ve been using Vitamin C for so long which has meant that I’ve stayed on top of these issues.”


Essentials Vitamin B Hydrating Serum

“It’s so great that this states the percentage — 10% Niacinamide — which is a decent dose. Niacinamide is another one of those game-changer ingredients. I love that it’s a one-stop shop to target hydration and smoothness. It’s a really lovely texture and sinks in nicely. I use this morning and night.”


Pure Retinol 0.75% in Luxurious Plant Oils

“It’s still early days using this oil but first impressions: I really like it. Any time you start a Retinol product, I would recommend that you ease into it. My plan is to use this once a week and build up to twice a week, evenings only. I still feel like I’m a Retinol novice. I do think that it’s hyped for good reason, it’s legit. Also, it’s not just for older skin. It can also really help acne-prone skin. I make sure I always hydrate after.”


Essentials Deep Hydration Cream

“It’s a rich, luxe cream but somehow it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The texture was different to my other moisturisers and it melts into my skin. Importantly, it made me very glowy. That’s very much my goal! Isn’t it funny? That as a teenager I used to be so scared of glow and dew, now I’m added the products to get it back!”


Hyaluronic Acid Skin Recovery Sheet Mask

I love the bio cellulose material of this mask. I find it the best to lock everything in a bit more. Also, you can dance around the house and it won’t move, you can even do the vacuuming if you want! I definitely put a candle on and chill sometimes, but I like the option to multi-task.”


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