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Brittany Ferdinands (aka @brittany_daisy) is on the cusp on her 28th birthday and taking stock of her skin care products and routine ahead of the new year. The PhD student — whose thesis is on micro influencers and the media — and Content Creator has a beautifully deep skin tone (thanks to her father’s mix of Portugese and Spanish heritage) and with that comes issues around post-blemish hyperpigmentation. What we call those dark spots that linger on the skin’s surface once the spot has disappeared. Ferdinand’s skin goals for 2021 are simple: to be completely confident in her complexion, so much so that she does not need to wear any makeup. How’s she getting there? With the below hyper-targeted routine.



“My biggest issue is post-blemish markings or hyperpigmentation. I don’t get pigmentation from the sun. If I have a blemish, then the mark stays for around 200 days! My game plan when I get one, is to of course, try not to touch it. But if I’m stressed then I’ve noticed that I cannot help myself from touching my hair and my face constantly and I do it subconsciously without even realising. Then it leaves a really dark brown mark in its wake and I feel like I always have these areas on my face. I don’t have active pimples all the time, but I do always feel the need to wear makeup every day to cover these marks. They eventually fade and then new ones pop up. This is the skin concern that I’m most conscious about.”



“There’s a lot of eating out and casual drinks at the moment. Normally I only try to drink on the weekend but at the moment I feel like I’m drinking more and my skin instantly reacts to that. I’ll know that I need to reel it in if breakouts crop up on my cheeks. My lifestyle has otherwise stayed the same this time of year: I always exercise in the morning, so I’m keeping that up, and I don’t eat any refined sugars purposefully. I’ve done that for five years now and it immediately cuts out a lot of naughty food. Then, everything else in moderation.”



“I’m obsessed with my essential oil diffusor. I put this on most nights when I get home and it instantly makes my space smell nice and feel Zen. I love lavender or orange. I then have a long shower and tick off everything I need to do: shave, exfoliate and all my skin care. Then I’ll do a peel or a face mask and pop on a Podcast: I’m currently into Shameless and Life Uncut. I like being able to incidentally learn while I’m pampering!”




Resurfacing Micro Dermabrasion Facial Exfoliating Scrub

“I stopped using scrubs for a while until I found this one. I love how super-fine the grains are and it gives you that really satisfying, deep clean. I find that my skin needs this to turn over dead skin cells. I’ve noticed that it’s really helped with the hyperpigmentation marks too. I use this three or so times per week.”


Essentials Healing & Hydration Serum

“This has completely transformed my skin. I used to play with lots of potent active ingredients and then one day my skin completely freaked out and became really sensitive. This product helped me get things back on track. It safeguards my skin. Now I can use any active-heavy product layered over the top and my skin can handle it. It’s lightweight and feels beautiful on. I use this morning and night.”


Essentials Vitamin C Ultra Serum

“This serum has a potent dose of Vitamin C and it’s been great for my hyper-pigmentation and in general, for evening-out and brightening my skin tone. A lot of other Vitamin C products I’ve used in the past have always dried my skin out, this one doesn’t – it’s been the most effective one I’ve tried.”


Essentials Re-Activation Nourishing Face Oil

“I use this morning and night. My skin is so dry and desperately needs it. If I don’t wear oil, I find that my foundation and makeup doesn’t sit smoothly on my skin. All LA CLINICA oils have a beautiful texture, this one in particular is lightweight and absorbs instantly which I love.”


Essentials Deep Hydration Moisture Cream

“It’s a thicker consistency and I need that in my moisturiser. I find that it sits really well under my makeup too. You don’t need a huge amount and I like to dab it onto my face and my skin quickly drinks it up. I also bring my moisturiser all the way down my neck and chest which has been the number one beauty secret from my mum.”


Age Reversal 5 Acids 12% Skin Peel pH 3.5

“To stay on top of the blemish marks I like to do this peel once a month. Personally, I need that skin cell turnover. I’ve built my skin up to be quite resilient now so it can definitely handle a regular peel and the more intense AHAs and BHAs. When I first layer it on I find that it slightly tingles (in a good way) and then my skin looks instantly brighter and clearer. I make sure to layer on all those luxe hydrators straight after I’ve removed it.”


Brightening Pigmentation Mask

“I’ll treat myself to this one every two weeks. If I really need some extra help, then my little trick is to use this as a spot treatment. Since working from home I’ve been able to pop it on to target a few key areas on my face and then leave it on (for quite a while) when working at my desk! It’s helped fade the more prominent marks on my forehead.”


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