Meet Maddi - Content Creator Extraordinaire

We recently had a chat with Maddi from @skinwithmads, who not only has a gorgeous light-filled instagram page where she shares aesthetically stunning skincare and beauty content, but also juggles studying Bachelor of Media Communications full time, and managing social media. 

Maddi’s platform was born out of demand from friends and family, after a long battle with severe cystic acne. Her journey was a positive one as her skin is now absolutely glowing. Maddi’s instagram now features tastefully-curated imagery alongside dreamy textures and ingredients-focused discussions. Offering her followers thoughtful, authentic skincare and beauty reviews.

Read the full article for her thoughts on skincare, creating content, self-care and inspiration.

skin with mads

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Maddi, and I am a 21 year old freelance content creator, social media manager and full-time student. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Media Communications specialising in PR, Education and Management…and I love it. 

I have been creating content for 3 years now, and I absolutely ADORE my job. My platform was born out of demand from friends and family, after a long battle with severe cystic acne. After clearing my skin from blemishes and scarring, everyone asked me what products I had used and I believed that recording my progress and tracking my journey through Instagram would be most efficient, and hopefully of assistance to others experiencing what I had previously been through with my skin.

Out of nowhere, my platform grew and now I get to share my love for all things skincare and beauty, whilst working with my favourite brands. 

What was the first skin care product you ever tried and LOVED

The first product that absolutely hooked me into the world of skincare, was the Drunk Elephant A-Passoni Retinol Cream. It worked absolute wonders, and from that moment on I loved researching new ingredients and products that I could implement within my current skincare routine to elevate my results and target specific concerns.


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What does your current day to day life routine look like?

What I love about my job,is that no day looks the same. One day I could be flying to Sydney to meet with a client, the next I could be attending an event and filming content. It varies, but typically I will wake up, grab a coffee and sit down to plan my goals for the day, and smash out some content. I will say, every day consists of LOTS of emails…but I weirdly enjoy it.

And what about your skincare routine?

Having the privilege of constantly trialling new products, my routine changes every 3-6 months. However, I will always feature a hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C serum, as well as my retinol and a hydrating mask of some kind. Finally, SPF is my BFF, so I will always reach for a SPF50. You best believe I am one of those girls with a 12-step skincare routine, and I’m proud of it!

How has your skin been tracking recently? 

I have really dehydrated skin, particularly in winter. To combat this, I use an essence with my hyaluronic acid in the AM, and continuously mist throughout the day to provide temporary hydration until I can take the day off, and mask as needed. I have also been experiencing some pigmentation, and have been loving the La Clinica Level 1 Brightening Serum. It’s helped to lighten the pigment and brighten my overall complexion. 

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And self care?

Everyone defines self care differently, however I love to treat myself to regular facials. Every 6-8 weeks, I receive skin needling, and follow up with a DMK Enzyme treatment with LED light therapy.

What inspires you?

I believe myself to be an extremely motivated person, and I find my own motivations inspire me to work hard to achieve my goals. I am also extremely musical, and am heavily influenced and inspired by the world of music.  

How does your home decor reflect who you are / your style / your inspiration? 

My room is filled with textures, soft pastels, and pillows, which reflects my personality and creative nature.

Talk us through your creative process.

I try to have lots of fun when creating content, and I believe it is the only way to get the best out of myself. As much as I love to plan, organise and evaluate every little detail, it’s important to remain fun and authentic in order to engage with others.

What draws you to buying a new skincare product? 

Personally, ingredients are what draws me into purchasing new skincare products. I am very ingredients focused, as I understand what benefits my skin will reap as a result. Therefore, I know exactly how to incorporate each new product into my routine to suit my skincare needs.

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What has been the best thing that has happened since you started your Instagram?

The best thing that has happened to me since beginning my Instagram, is the beautiful people I have met along my journey. From friendships to brand relationships, each and every person I have been introduced to through this platform has been so kind and supportive. 

What is a piece of skincare advice you would give your younger self?

I would love to explain to my younger self, that nothing is permanent! Your body and all of it’s elements are forever changing; love the skin that you’re in and treat your body like your life’s vessel.


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