Meet Grace Vlcek - Beauty Enthusiast

We recently met with Beauty Enthusiast Grace Vlcek, who shares with us her love for YouTube skincare gurus, peachy pink hues and how her skin is handling the change in temperature.

Grace is the woman behind the instagram page @beautybygracevlcek where she shares her passion for all things beauty, specifically her love for skincare and product photography. Residing in Brisbane, Queensland with her husband Josh, she draws on a background in beauty, being a qualified Beauty Therapist.


We asked her a few questions about her skin, inspiration and her creative process. 


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What was the first skin care product you ever tried and LOVED

“Ever since I was young I’ve always loved the beauty world. I grew up giving my mum and sisters back massages and doing my mum’s hair. It wasn’t until I moved out of home that I discovered my love for skincare as I started watching skincare gurus on YouTube and became obsessed! My first skincare product I loved would have to be something from the brand ‘the ordinary’. You can get it from Priceline and everyone on YouTube and Instagram would rave about it.“

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What does your current day to day life routine look like?

“A normal day for me starts around 6am with me getting ready for the work day. I start my day with the first of many coffees (I’m actually addicted) and go to work at a hairdressers as a salon coordinator and I love it! The first thing I do when I get home is change into comfy clothes and take my makeup off. I will then have dinner and hang out with Josh. We will usually watch Netflix together.“


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And what about your skincare routine?

“I could actually go on for hours but I’ll try to keep it short haha. My current skincare routine has changed a little recently due to the change in weather and needing to focus on hydration more. For cleansing I’ve got to do a double cleanse in the pm, I use either GunkOff cleansing balm or Glow Recipe Cleansing balm. Then I’ve been loving the La Clinica Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser. Laneige Cream skin toner is a MUST for my skin, it’s so hydrating! My favourite eye creams are the glow recipe avocado retinol eye cream and the dermalogica awaken peptide eye gel. 

Sensitive Cream Cleanser in white and purple bottle and orange jar

The serums I use change depending on how my skin feels but I always incorporate a hydrating serum and a vitamin c in the morning and then at night always a Hydrating and Healing serum. A favourite moisturiser of mine, especially as the weather is getting cooler I'd use the La Clinica Deep Hydration Moisture Cream and I love to add a few drops of Gotoskincare Face Hero oil if my skin is feeling dry. We can’t forget spf in the AM, it’s the most important step. My favourites are Mecca Cosmetica to save face and Ultraviolette Supreme Screen.“



How has your skin been tracking recently? 

“Recently my skin has been feeling a little sensitive and drier than normal. As the weather cools down it freaks out a little bit so I need to ensure I’m giving it lots of hydration. Other than that, I don’t have too many concerns, just a few occasional breakouts here and there.” 

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And self care?

“My self care routine is simple and only takes me about 10 mins…. Kidding it’s very extensive and I try to make it as long as possible to really help myself wind down. I find that doing these extra steps is really beneficial for my own mental health. I love to have a nice warm “do everything” kind of  shower about once a week. Like the name suggests it’s where you do everything such as  shave, exfoliate, wash my hair and do a hair mask. It’s just a little task but to me it’s important to have some me time. Other self care things I love to do are face masks, I probably do 2-3 face masks a week, a sheet mask is usually involved and then lately I’ve been loving the Charlotte Tilbury Cryo Recovery Mask to help depuff my face.” 

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What inspires you?

“I am inspired by lots of things! The people that I am surrounded by are my biggest inspirations. For life goals my friends and family push me to be my best version of myself and inspire me to constantly grow. The creative side for me is inspired by lots of little things like music, people on Instagram, colours and the environment.”


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Talk us through your creative process

“My creative process always begins with the product itself, I look at its packaging and the colours used. I love having a pink/peachy feel to my page so this is important to me to ensure the end result matches with this. Once I’ve figured out what kind of vibe I want to go with content wise, I take bulk photos so that I can sort through and find the one I like the most.”

peach background collage of pink-toned items such as dresses, cosmetics bags

What draws you to buying a new skincare product?

“I’d like to say that I’m strict with myself and only buy what I need but that is definitely not the case haha. The packaging is a big thing that draws me into a product, if I think that it would look really cool in a photo and it inspires me, then that can make me want to buy it. But ultimately I do need to decide if I actually do need it and if it would suit my skin. I love to look at the ingredients and benefits of the product to see if I need it.” 

What has been the best thing that has happened since you started your instagram / blog?

“The best thing to come out of my page is without a doubt the community and friendships that have grown. I never thought that by sharing the skincare that I like on Instagram that I would find some of my best friends. I have a small group of besties that I’m super close with in real life and we all connected through our pages! So crazy!”

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What is a piece of skincare advice you would give your younger self?

“Please wear SPF! I know you don’t like the feeling of it and it may feel lame but its so important you will thank me later” 


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