Meet Violet Trikilis, Model & Influencer

The incredibly radiant model and influencer, Violet Trikilis (aka @A_Stylish_Age on Instagram) proves that you can have beautiful skin at any age. The 55-year-old mother of five (and a recent first-time grandmother) provides a refreshing break in our feeds from heavily filtered faces. We love how Violet keeps things real when it comes to ageing. Her complexion is healthy, happy, and most importantly, she’s confident in the skin she’s in. Not only did we ask Violet to feature in our most recent campaign (how fresh-faced and inspiring is she, by the way?), but we also chatted to her a few weeks post-shoot to discuss her career, how her skin was tracking and if the new routine was working for her.



“I’ve had a bit of a stop-start relationship with modelling over the years! I was originally discovered aged 15, and did okay, working until I was around 20 years old. Then I got married, focused on children and then got back into it in my mid-thirties for a few years again.


At around fifty years old, I noticed that my daughters started going on Instagram, I’d ask them what it was all about, and they’d say, ‘it’s not for you, mum’. Then I had a quick look and it seemed simple. So, I started posting myself and followers found me (and quickly overtook my children’s follower numbers!), and it’s been growing slowly.


I think that a lot of women relate to me because I keep it real. I have a really engaged following base of women over the age of forty. It’s a wonderful little community. I love that age diversity and more mature women are being cast in campaigns and are more noticeable out there in the world. Things are definitely changing. It makes sense though, doesn’t it? To see someone that you can relate to in a piece of clothing. The same goes for skin care and beauty.”



“It’s great at the moment. I’ve always had pretty good skin with the occasion hormonal breakout around my chin and jaw line. Actually, there was one thing that scared me and that was during my last pregnancy (20 years ago) when I developed seriously bad pigmentation around my upper lip area. It honestly looked as though I had a moustache. It was a mix of pregnancy and going into the sun – every time I went outside the patch just became darker and darker. Since then, I’ve worn a very high SPF on my face every single day and that’s become a ritual. The pigmentation has never come back. Just generally, I believe using sunscreen has changed the texture of my skin enormously. It’s the best anti-ageing product!”



“I’m loving the fact that I am 55, and I still like my skin and my face without makeup. Even with the wrinkles and broken capillaries: I like it all and I’m feeling great at the moment. I’ve tried Botox once, in my forties. I hated every single photo of myself for three months because it didn’t look like me: there was no expression or character. I’m not saying I won’t ever try it again; I don’t know. But right now? No. I’m loving that my face is all me and just beautiful skin care. I know what I need to do to look my best. I don’t drink enough water and at the same time drink too much coffee which dehydrates your skin. I’ve found that I need products that really boost hydration levels. That’s my biggest tip. Mature skin needs to be really well-hydrated. I’ve personally found that dry skin equals more obvious wrinkles.”






Gentle Facial Cream Cleanser with Glycolic Acid

“I’ve been loving this one. It’s really soft on my skin. And super-efficient: it basically takes everything off in one go. Easy. I don’t need to go back and do any additional cleansing to remove my eye makeup.”


Essentials Hydrating and Healing Serum

“I had a pimple on my face that I attacked, and then it left a scar in its wake. The mark was there for probably two months. I’ve noticed since using this serum for the past few weeks that the healing process has sped up and that it’s faded significantly.”


Age Reversal Pure Hyaluronic Acid Plus Serum Concentrate

“I use this one every day. I apply it all over my face and neck then make sure I let it dry before adding any other products over the top. It takes around five or so minutes until its completely soaked into my skin. I’ll do a bit of cleaning or vacuuming while I’m waiting.”


Vitamin C Potent Antioxidant Oil

“Vitamin C is fabulous for my skin. I’ve been massaging this oil in, and I make sure that I take it all the way down to my neck. I really like that. And I like to do this both in the morning and night. My skin can handle an oil twice a day. Once massaged in, it really penetrates and doesn’t leave an oily residue. It just leaves a beautiful glow.”


Anti Ageing Night Cream with Tripeptides

“Repairing and restoring my skin while I sleep is probably the most important aspect of my skin care routine. This cream feels rich and luxurious but when I wake it’s complete absorbed. My husband has been commenting on how soft my skin is in the morning at the moment, which means it’s working!”


Anti Ageing Eye Cream with Tripeptides

“This cream glides on beautifully, and a tiny amount goes along way. I’ve found that it sits really nicely on that delicate eye skin area and, it’s a great primer for under-eye concealer. Just generally, with this new routine, I’ve noticed that my skin is better prepped for my makeup base. Foundation is never cakey. That’s the worst! Cakey, dry-looking skin is really ageing.”


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