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Spring Skincare Tips

With warmer temps, sunnier skies and longer days ahead of us, we asked our community how they’re changing up their skincare routine for spring. Here are some easy spring skincare tips from some of our fave skincare & beauty influencers to update your beauty routine for the warmer seasons:


“Going into the warmer months I’m moving into lighter textures like mists and essences, to give me that beautiful hydration without heaviness. I’m adding in some extra exfoliation to keep that glow boosted and my skin tone even. Don’t forget to keep the spf up too!”

Matt - @infirmofpurpose_skincare

“The best summer skincare tips I can give you are : remember to wear and reapply your spf on your face and body, stay hydrated inside out , swap your moisturiser, focus on cleansing and gentle exfoliation :)”

Tian - @ohsotian


Try it yourself:


Rebalancing Facial Spray 

Refresh and hydrate on the go with a  What better way to cool and calm your skin on a hot day than a refreshing mist? With Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera & Green Tea. Shop the Rebalancing Revitalising Facial Spray  

Micro Dermabrasion Scrub 

Exfoliation is super important to remove unwanted build up and dead skin cells, not to mention things like sweat, sunscreen, salt and pollution as the days and nights get warmer. Shop the Resurfacing Micro Dermabrasion Facial Scrub

Clear Skin Anti Blemish Facial Wash

Cleanse the skin with a salicylic acid face wash, to gently exfoliate and remove build up.  Shop the Clear Skin Anti Blemish Face Wash

salicylic acid face wash australia

Now that the weather is changing I’m focusing on lighter layers of hydration. I’ve been loving reintroducing the Healing and Hydrating Serum for a serious boost of barrier-loving hydration without heaviness. While I wear SPF year round, I’m also making sure I reapply more regularly now that the UV index is increasing.”

Iain - @iainjeffery


Try it yourself: 

Essentials Hydrating & Healing Serum 

A silky, lightweight serum for everyday use, ensuring the skin is hydrated, soothed and supported but never weighed down. Shop the Essentials Hydrating & Healing Serum


“I would say going into spring and summer I tend to move towards more gel/lightweight products and less oils. I’ve really been loving the Essentials Hydrating Gel Cream underneath my makeup and in the evening. The less is more trick comes into play during the warmer months as I don’t want too many products on my skin as living in QLD they will just sweat off 😂”

Grace - @beautybygracevlcek



“​​For the Summer, I generally go for more brightening and lightweight/gel like products and making sure I’m really consistent with reapply my SPF, I’ve been using the La Clinica Brightening Serum daily as my morning serum and Essentials Hydrating Gel Cream, they’re my go to’s.”

Phoebe - @phoeberosemua

Try it yourself:  

Essentials Hydrating Gel Cream 

Get a perfect dewy base with a lighter, gel-like version of the beloved skin barrier repair hero - the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream. Low in plant oils and containing Linoleic Acid - it is your go-to warm weather moisturiser to help prevent congestion and breakouts.

The gel-based formula absorbs quickly without feeling heavy or greasy, it is the perfect skin primer for a glowy finish. Shop the The Essentials Hydrating Gel Cream

lightweight moisturiser for oily skin australia

Brightening Serums

Peptides, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, PHAs and extracts from Licorice Root and Mulberry help to fade and prevent discolouration and uneven skin texture for brighter, glowier skin.

Choose from the Level 1 or the Level 2 serum which has the added benefit of Alpha Arbutin and Tranexamic Acid. Show the Brightening Serums


“During winter the deep hydration moisture cream was a skin saviour, so rich, hydrating and helped my skin barrier to stay nice and happy. Coming into summer I can’t wait to try the hydrating gel cream for something a little lighter yet still very hydrating for my skin.”

Jacinta @summertimeglows



“With hay-fever season upon us, the Essentials Deep Hydration Moisture Cream is a non negotiable for me. As an eczema sufferer, my whole eye area can get itchy and irritated during Spring and this cream is rich in ceramides and is fragrance free making it ideal for dry and sensitive skin types!”

Melissa - @melissajayneblog


Try it yourself:  

Essentials Deep Hydration Moisture Cream

While ‘Deep Hydration’ might not sound like a light, warm weather cream, it is surprisingly absorbent and non-greasy. Sinking into the skin and never feeling too heavy, plus is it perfect for dry, sensitive skin types all year round. Shop now Essentials Deep Hydration Moisture Cream

More skincare picks for spring:

Rebalancing Oil - Bakuchiol, Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Alt help calm stressed skin, assists in anti ageing without irritation or sun sensitivity. This lightweight oil sits well under serums and can be worn during the day, unlike retinol. Shop the Rebalancing Oil

Vitamin C Ultra Serum - a light and gentle Vitamin C serum will help with antioxidant protection against free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors like UV. Shop the Essentials Vitamin C Ultra Serum

Cooling Relief Gel - once summer truly arrives, cool down hot skin and ease discomfort after a hot day with this aloe vera-rich cooling gel. Shop the Cooling Relief Gel 

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