Teenage Skincare -  a Simple Routine

A teen skincare routine should be simple

Skin during your teens and tweens can be a battlefield. Rapidly changing hormones can cause unpredictable skin (and moods!) along with breakouts, an overproduction of oil, or dullness and congestion. As your face is constantly on display, having skin you’re not happy with can truly be anxiety-inducing and self esteem-damaging to an already angst-filled time.

If that is you, fear not, we’ve created the simplest of simple routines for teen skin that focuses on 3 things:

  1. Cleansing the skin, clearing away build up that can cause congestion
  2. Treating breakouts while ensuring skin isn’t overwhelmed with active ingredients. No over-exfoliating or drying skin out with strong astringents here! 
  3. Hydration. Ensuring the skin barrier is functioning effectively is important for healthy, clear skin.

Step 1. Cleanser

Fluctuations in hormones, increased oil production, and experimenting with makeup make cleaning the skin so important. Choose from a Salicylic Acid cleansing gel, or a Glycolic Acid cleansing gel or cream to help properly remove dirt, oil, and debris and greatly reduce breakouts and dehydration.


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Step 2. Serum Treatment

Our favourite Clear Skin Serum duo features a Salicylic Acid Serum to help clear pores that is gentle enough for regular use on younger skin and an anti-inflammatory lotion with Niacinamide, Willow Bark Extract and Ethyl Linoleate to help balance oil production. 

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Step 3. Hydrating Moisturiser

Skin functions best when hydrated, even oily skin! So don’t forget to add in a moisture cream. Not using a moisturiser can lead to the skin overcompensating and producing even more oil. Our picks are those lightweight in feel, or with a little extra exfoliating power. After a super lightweight lotion? Simply use the Intensive Spot Serum as your moisture cream.

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The Clear Skin Basics Bundle

The Clear Skin Basics Bundle is a superb value bundle routine which includes the Clear Skin Cleanser and the Clear Skin Intensive Spot Serum to help keep breakouts at bay. Keeping it simple with these 2 products is key to a healthy, clear complexion as the skin is not overwhelmed with harsh ingredients, but treated, nourished and cared for.


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