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The Best Lightweight Gel Moisturiser

Achieve a radiant, dewy glow with the new lightweight, hydrating moisturiser in a gel cream format. 

Our team has been busy developing the best ever gel moisturiser and we can’t wait for you to try this one, say a big hello to the Hydrating Gel Cream. Lightweight enough for the warmer months, but this isn’t your average, plain-jane lotion. Six, yes that’s right six different Hyaluronic Acids ensure your skin is hydrated, including Zinc Hyaluronate and Hyalorepair to target, fortify and retain hydration in the skin barrier as well as support the skin’s natural healing abilities. 



Rich in multi-tasking Linoleic Acid (Ethyl Linoleate, Sunflower Oil, Chia Seed Oil) which provides moisture and “plumpness” without weighing down the skin. It also helps reduce acne breakouts and is an essential building block for ceramides, one of skin's main moisturizing elements. Packed with other skin nourishing goodness such as Squalane to restore suppleness and prevent moisture loss, Niacinamide for brightening benefits, oil control and skin barrier function, and the much-beloved Jojoba Oil. A Ceramide complex helps to fortify the skin barrier, keeping the good things in and bad things out. Allantoin and Oat Beta Glucan effectively soothe along with a range of plant extracts.


The best thing about the Hydrating Gel Cream? Absolutely everyone can benefit from it, whether you’re looking for a daily maintenance moisturiser, or wanting to top off an active-focused routine. 

The Hydrating Gel Cream and glowy, summery skin, BFFs forever.

Ingredients of note:


  • Linoleic Acid
  • 6 Hyaluronic Acids
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Niacinamide
  • Squalane
  • Allantoin
  • Oat Beta Glucan


Hydrating Gel Cream in 5:


  • Hydrates without weighing down skin
  • 'Plumps’ skin
  • Gives a dewy, glowy complexion
  • Supports skin barrier function
  • Helps fight breakouts


How to build your Summer Skincare Routine:

Finally, warmer weather is here (or almost!) and we want nothing more than to revel in the balmy sunshine and enjoy being outdoors. But wait, is your skin prepped for the sun? It’s time to switch up your products for the change of season. Be summer-skin ready with our selection of summery products:

Shop Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+

The best anti-ageing product you can buy is prevention, and at only $20 the lightweight Sunscreen Lotion with SPF50+ is a bargain. UV exposure is not only dangerous for our health, it’s damaging to the skin. This should be your final layer of skin care every. single. day. But most importantly during summer!

Vitamin C

Not only does Vitamin C help give you glowy, bright skin with a more even tone, it also helps battle environmental stressors such as photo-ageing (accelerating ageing from sun exposure) and free radicals that can swindle your skin out of its natural radiance. Much needed when we’re seeing more sunlight.


Shop our Vitamin C range.

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Cooling Relief Gel

While we do advocate sunscreen all the time and always, sometimes sunburn happens. To ease the burning sensation (and guilt), layer your skin with the Cooling Relief Gel. Feel instantly calmed and refreshed with ingredients of Aloe Vera and Chamomile, ideal to help soothe and replenish skin that is red, feels hot and irritated.


Shop Cooling Relief Gel



This relatively new ingredient has been dubbed a ‘natural alternative’ to retinol due to its anti-aging and collagen stimulating properties. Retinol should only be worn at night however Bakuchiol can be worn during the day meaning you can double up on your use! The Rebalancing Oil contains both Bakuchiol and Vitamin C so you’re all set for the sunshine.


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Facial Sprays

What better way to cool and calm your skin on a hot day than a refreshing mist? Also great on long journeys, mists revitalise and rehydrate skin. Choose from the Rebalancing Revitalising Facial Spray with Aloe Vera and Green Tea, or the Rose Water Facial Mist with Rose Absolute Oil. Both contain hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated and cool on a hot day or while travelling.


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