6 Ways to Update your Skincare from Summer to Autumn

A cool change is coming - here are 6 ways to switch up your skincare routine for Autumn to avoid dry, tight, irritated skin and keep up that bouncy, summer glow!

1. Gel Creams to Richer, Moisture Creams

You may have found a lightweight moisturiser such as the Hydrating Gel Cream was just right for breezy, summer skin. But as the days get cooler you might need a little more “oomph”. 

Most commonly seen in the autumn months, thanks to sudden temperature changes, is the impairment of the skin barrier which can manifest as symptoms of dryness, sensitivity and a lacklustre look. This is the time to become BFFs with emollient and occlusive ingredients to keep skin moist, hydrated and the skin barrier functioning effectively.

Skin Barrier Creams for Autumn / Winter

Switch to the Deep Hydration Cream, or the Rebalancing Day Cream both hydrating creams that moisturise for hours but without feeling heavy. Both these creams contain Niacinamide. Not only does niacinamide prevent excess oil, it minimises water loss (reducing dryness and irritation) - essential for keeping the skin barrier supported during the cooler months.

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Mature Skin Creams for Autumn / Winter

The luxurious Age Reversal Repair Cream is filled with anti ageing, repair ingredients such as peptides and caviar complex - a wealth of marine nutrients including amino acids, minerals and oligopeptides. These components are a source of rich skin nourishment, boosting cell vitality. 


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2. Add in Extra Hydration

Keep skin soft and glowing with an extra level of hydration and moisturisation. Try a hyaluronic acid serum or a nourishing oil - and don’t forget your body too.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Autumn / Winter

The Hydrating & Healing Serum is a silky-soft hyaluronic acid serum ​​formulated to help heal and reduce inflammation in the skin. With multiple hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights plus niacinamide, oat beta glucan and allantoin, it really is a comprehensive, hydrating serum to restore and maintain the skin’s barrier function. Perfect to replenish dry, dehydrated and compromised skin conditions.


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Facial Oil for Autumn / Winter

Prefer the luxurious sensation of a facial oil? The Re-Activation Nourishing Facial Oil contains a unique dehydrated hyaluronic acid suspension that plumps on contact with the skin, Giving a juicy, nourished look all Winter long.


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The Rebalancing Oil contains a multitude of nourishing, active ingredients that work to rebalance, renew and calm dull, stressed skin and also provide anti-aging benefits. It really contains a little of everything and is the perfect facial oil to keep skin glowing, even when the sun is not.


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Body Skincare for Autumn / Winter

Keep your limbs soft too! As legs and arms begin to see less daylight we tend to forget about looking after them, resulting in dry, flaky, scaly skin. Don’t let that happen with our Essentials Body Butter. A sensorial pleasure to apply.



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3. Weekly Mask & Exfoliation

An essential step in your skin care routine – whatever the season! Removing the outer dead skin cells ensures that all the nutrients from your natural skin care products absorb and penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. If your skin’s feeling a bit lacklustre choose an exfoliant with brightening ingredients such as Vitamin C, peptides or tetrahydrocurcumin.

An Exfoliating Mask for Autumn / Winter

With just the right amount of exfoliation and no harsh abrasiveness, the Anti Ageing Enzyme Scrub Mask is a cream-based scrub that leaves skin smooth and baby soft, creating the perfect canvas for makeup. Your skin will feel nourished and hydrated thanks to a unique Hyaluronic Acid that stays on the skin by means of ionic bond to deliver hydration, even after washing off! All while smelling amazingly lush.


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A balmy mask with brightening Vitamin C and Enzymes will also leave skin feeling refreshed and soft. Wear it as an overnight mask for the full effect.


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An Exfoliating Peel for Autumn / Winter

A gentle AHA peel with added brightening properties is just what dull winter skin needs to stay fresh and glowy. Mandelic, Lactic and a touch of Glycolic Acid gently exfoliate surface dead skin cells while tetrahydrocurcumin, mulberry and licorice extracts help to encourage brighter, less discoloured skin. Gentle enough to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding - it also doubles as an anti-blemish treatment, keeping breakouts at bay.

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4. Re-introduce Retinol

People often avoid vitamin A / Retinol during the sunnier months and if this was you, now it is time to bring them back into the regular routine with open arms.

However, retinoids can be harsh when overused. If your skin is already dry, thanks to the cooler weather, using either could make parched skin worse. Prep skin prior to the re-introduction of retinoids, ensuring skin is well-hydrated before you begin. Start off slow and refer to our handy hints 

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5. Switch to Creamy Cleansers

If you’ve been using a gel or foaming cleanser this summer, switching to a creamy, moisturising face wash will still ensure you’re removing daily buildup but keeps skin soft and hydrated without disrupting the skin’s natural oil balance.

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6. But Stick with your Sunscreen!

The days are getting shorter, sure but don’t even *think* about removing sunscreen from your routine. Daily SPF protects your skin from sun damage, pigmentation, ageing, dark spots and of course helps prevent skin cancer. At only AU$20 a pop, you’ve no excuse not to wear sunscreen all Autumn AND Winter long.

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