About LA CLINICA Organic For Baby

“These products are the only one that helps keep dry skin and eczema on my bub at bay! Absolutely love it”

“I have used various Organic for Baby products from day one. I was using a popular brand of wipes in hospital and my son quickly developed nappy rash. I used the zinc barrier cream after the bath and within a day the problem was gone. I now use it once a day after every bath. I also use the lotion and wash and have avoided many of the skin issues new babies have. No dry skin, no rashes. We love Organic for Baby in our house. Even my husband uses the wash and his has never been better!”

“I am loving @organic_for_baby’s products for Violet’s bath and bedtime routine - They’re gentle on her skin and smell SO good.”

“We LOVE these products, my favourites being the Soothing Lotion and Barrier Balm. Been using these for almost 6 months now and have had NO skin issues and my baby always smells so good”
Emily G

About Organic For Baby Soap Free Wash Gel

"Cannot recommend highly enough. Bubs felt & smelt even more incredible & cuddly after using (yes I'll admit I've used it on myself too) offical addicted to it & won't use anything else”

"I have now used this product quite a few times & love it! It foams up like soap without actually having the nasty chemicals of soap in it. It smells great and leaves bubs skin so soft. I will definatly continue to buy at such a great price!”

About Organic For Baby Gentle Shampoo

"Just wanted to say how much I love your baby shampoo. I bought it in Coles as a last resort as it's pretty much the only nontoxic shampoo they stock. The whole family uses it now, best ever and I've tried them all.”

"This shampoo not only smells wonderful but it really made made daughters hair very clean and shiny. Gentle on her eyes too. Would highly recommend it.”

About Organic For Baby Soothing Lotion

“ I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Organic for Baby Soothing Lotion....It moisturises beautifully without being too greasy and I love the subtle scent. Thanks so much for such a beautiful and thoughtful product.”
Louise Harvie

About Organic For Baby Calming Massage Oil

“I just love the Calming Massage Oil!!!!!”

About LA CLINICA Organic For Baby Zinc Barrier Balm

“This is the bomb!!! Saved me on many occasions”

“Simply the best product ever it’s all I use”

“Amazing product! Aubree had such a bad nappy rash from being ill and this cleared it up in a day”

“I have just tried your baby nappy rash cream and it was an absolute lifesaver! My bubs bum was blistered and bleeding and in less than 24 hours it has reduced more than half”
Amiee G

About Organic For Baby Calming Bath Oil

“Love this!!! The holy grail!! Xx “