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How to use retinol - a guide for everyone

No matter your skin issue - retinol is usually the answer 

While retinol might need no introduction (it is often referred to as the ‘gold standard of anti-ageing,’ after all), we’re here to give you a little reminder about one of most effective skincare ingredients out there. With nearly every dermatologist singing its praises - this long-beloved vitamin A derivative does so much for the skin:

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tackles blemishes and regulates oil production
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Increases radiance
  • Reduces UV induced collagen degrading enzymes

What retinol / vitamin A product should I use?

La Clinica’s Pure Retinol in Luxurious Oils is for everyone - Just starting out? Opt for a gentle strength of 0.2% or 0.5%. Seasoned user? Choose 0.75% or go for the potent 1% for the maximum retinol dose. 



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Prefer a serum? No problem

The Rebalancing Emergency Booster Serum is another gentle option for serum-lovers plus the Antioxidants of Green Tea and Ginkgo Biloba. Or find a higher strength serum in the Age Reversal Potent Retinol Serum Concentrate 1%.

Get your vitamin A in a cream format with the Rebalancing Night Cream, featuring both retinal and retinol. A do-it-all night cream that has both anti-ageing and acne-regulating benefits.

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Worried about irritation? Don’t be

Pure Retinol in Luxurious Oils is clever - we’ve taken a potent ingredient but delivered in a base of skin-loving squalane and fast-absorbing, lightweight plant oils. This helps keep the skin moisturised, and supports the skin barrier - minimising irritation. Skin-protecting antioxidants to support and soothe the skin along with calming chamomile and calendula extract. Think of the retinol as being delivered delicately to your skin by a big, fluffy cushion. 

Why the Retinol in Luxurious Oils is clever 

You choose the strength, no hidden surprises here!

Retinol is delivered in a base of luxurious skin-compliant oils:

Jojoba Oil, Squalane, Hemisqualane and Grapeseed Oil.

Stabilised with:

Vitamin E, Lipochroman, Rosemary Leaf Extract.

Soothed with:

Defensil Plus, Sunflower Oil Unsaponifiables, Chamomile and Calendula Extract.

Boosted with:


Need more reasons to start using this powerful product?

Winter and Spring are a great time to introduce retinol into your skincare routine. We’re already inside most of the time, away from the sun - which is in short supply anyway! You’re also hopefully focusing on using lots of hydrating skincare products, think hyaluronic acids, ceramides, botanical oils and essential fatty acids. Perfect time to dip your proverbial toes into the vitamin A arena.

What order should I use the Retinol Oil in my skincare routine?

General rule is lightest to heaviest. Apply the retinol oil after cleansing and a serum if you’re using one, but before your hydrating night cream. La Clinica’s Retinol in Luxurious Oil is lightweight and fast-absorbing, never weighing down or heavy on the skin and sits well under moisturisers.

In the morning, always cleanse your skin to remove any traces of retinol. Include products that help protect the skin such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and ceramides.

How do I use retinol?

The method of choice is ‘low and slow’ - meaning start with a low percentage and introduce it into your routine slowly. Once a week to begin with, at night, after cleansing and before a dedicated skin barrier repair cream. The Deep Hydration Moisture Cream is your best bet to pair with retinol thanks to its superior ingredients list. Find out why this is our hero cream in 9 Best ingredients for your Skin Barrier.

A little nervous about retinol irritation? “Buffer” the retinol with a hydrating serum applied before the retinol. The Hydrating & Healing Serum is a great choice - specially designed to support the skin barrier by hydrating, soothing, reducing inflammation and supporting the healing process. 

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La Clinica tips for using Retinol

Avoid mixing it with other active skincare ingredients, this includes hydroxy acids, enzymes and vitamin c. Use every 2-4 days to build tolerance. Follow with the Deep Hydration Moisture Cream and always wear sunscreen.

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